Update on sarcosine


It might be the medication Steady. My Mom and Dad had me on medication when I was young and it made me a zombie, emotionless pretty much. from where he’s fairly new figuring out he has illness it may take cocktails of drugs for him to be on to figure out what drugs work for him the best.

What works well for others , doesn’t work well with some. I’ve been on cocktails of drugs ever since 15 or 16 and finally just figured out all I need is the Invega shot, that’s it. Although maybe something for anxiety and panic attacks would help, but other than that just stick by him and find the cocktail of medicine that works for him.

Have you considered since no prior watch of having an illness did he happen to take maybe mushrooms or LSD or smoke really good Weed at all? Maybe not since they drug test before you go into hospital and you would know , but just making sure.

But like I said if you don’t think he’s getting better it’s the medicine. Some Medicine will make you emoitonless and numb, but may not work so the doctors will have to switch him to something different. And bring that up next time you talk to doctor also, that you see no improvement so you want his meds switched now


Thanks so much for your reply. Sorry, maybe i didnt give enough info before. My son had definitely been suffering for a few yrs with anxiety, social phobia, and psychosis at times but wouldnt talk about it and seemed to be able to function ok mostly without meds. No drugs involved in last few months though think it all started with cannabis few yrs ago. Currently he is in a terrible state in hospital, due to excessive cocktail of meds, but thanks for your reasssurance that when they get the right meds everything should settle and he may be able to live his life .


Just letting you know for future reference. Weed and sciz don’t mix well. At least for me it can send me into a breakdown after smoking it easily off one/ two hit’s.

Yeah now there going to have to try him on meds for awhile to see which one’s are best for him, It might work at first, but it might not, that just means you need to try different meds for him. Everybody reacts differently to different meds so the docs have to find what works for him and stabalizes him.

It took me awhile to find what stablizes me, but I finally found it and it works great. It doesn’t completly take away all the symptoms , but it does lessen them to the point I don’t worry about them.

It’s called the Invega Shot. Once a month you get a shot so you don’t have to worry about taking a pill everyday which some people struggle with. The shot eliminates the remembering to take a pill everyday and it really works great for me. They put me on the Max dose which is like 237 mg, but if they try him on this shot see how it works.

Actually you might want to consider talking to the docs about him getting a shot. So he don’t have to worry about the taking a pill everyday so if he misses a dose or forgets to take them that’s where the shot saves you and works in your body all month long.

Although currently I had to go from a month to 3 weeks cause I could feel the shot wearing off every 3 weeks so my doc and nurse cut it down from a month to 3 weeks, but you just have to see what works for him though.

You’ll find it no worries


Thanks for the info. It really helps to hear other peoples experiences.


This is odd, sarcosine was a miracle drug for me, it almost totally eliminated my negative symptoms with no side effects!


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My problem with new meds and supplements too. Sarcosine could have adverse effects. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Disappointed to hear some bad news about Sarcosine. But some people seem to be happy with it. Hoping to use it when it comes to my country. Let us see…