Update on meds and new therapist

my old pdoc the one that terminated me said she would give me enough meds to last until the 30th of august when I have an appointment with the pdoc at the clinic.

my new therapist was pretty cool, we talked a lot about my dad and how i’m afraid of becoming like him. my dad was abusive when he was younger especially towards my mom. he would accuse her of cheating but be cheating himself. he has schizoaffective disorder like me but half the time he doesn’t take meds. then we discussed my brother about his abusive behavior towards me then my parents.

she said she might recommend changing my diagnosis but its ultimately up to my pdoc. she wants to change my diagnosis to just schizophrenia instead of schizoaffective disorder depressive type. I kind of don’t want her too, its just a diagnosis and I know it doesn’t change anything but i’m getting used to the schizoaffective disorder and the meds i take for it.

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meds are the same either way. Just if you are not having the depression/mania you won’t need an antidepressant, but they will usually keep you on it to be safe.

Your story sounds so much like mine, except my dad is DID. Bad dad would be abusive to my mom and us and then good dad would come back never remember and act like nothing ever happened. He would also get lost a lot be somewhere and didn’t remember how he got there or how to get home. He cheated a lot but most time didn’t remember doing it.

When I started getting ill I was afraid that was what I had.

@cbbrown did you like the therapy session? You didn’t find it hard to talk? Did they ask lots of questions or you just got to talk? I have tried to go to therapy before but when they start asking questions, my anxiety and fear goes up and I leave.

She asked alot of questions, it wasn’t too difficult to talk. She told me I have a great deal of insight but I told her that’s after 6 years of trial and error

Hope things work out. My last therapist retired and my last pdoc retired a year ago and I heard he passed away. I was with both of them for 20 years.

My new pdoc is so much younger than my last and respected my previous pdoc so much he kept me on the same meds and made shure I will always have a prescription for them. I am seeing him again at the end of the month and might start with a new therapist also.

my pdocs in the past changed my meds since they didn’t agree with the high dosage of some. the worse changed while switching pdocs was when this one doctor lowered the risperidone from 8 to 2mg and as you can guess it didn’t help and he refused to switch meds or try anything new.