Just fired my Pdoc

Wrote out a questionnaire for her, she could only answer 2 of my questions, and unsatisfactory at that.

Why Should I stick with her, and what can she offer me that another Pdoc couldn’t.

She wouldn’t disclose my treatment plan to me.

For my diagnosis she listen 4-5 things that explain my psychosis. Asked her how it’s going narrowing that down and she couldn’t answer, just said she needs more time. It’s been almost 2 years

Asked her why the voices aren’t going away, and her response was “your still getting voices? Even with the abilify? You’re well medicated.”

I feel like a just got out of a bad relationship.

Already sent messages to my primary for a new Pdoc, hopefully one with more than 2/5 on reviews.

Note, Harvard doesn’t equal a good Pdoc. I’m wondering if the whole thing was a giant scam.

Wishing everyone well.

PS @anon54386108, I remember talking about the idea for a questionnaire, thats the result, and I feel fantastic!



You learned something.

Mostly that you need a new pdoc.

I’m happy you at least now know that for sure.

The questionnaire was a good idea,

It really let you know where you stand with her and it’s clearly not a great place.

I suggest you start talking to different doctors starting today so you can get in as soon as possible.

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Exciting developments! I hope you get a good psychiatrist soon.

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On that now, Messages to my GP, and I’m hunting in network as we speak. I’ll call today if I can.

Thank you for your support Mr. Gable


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Thanks dude, I feel great right now. More hope than I’ve had in a long while that I’ll get some proper help.

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I’m glad you’re getting a better pdoc. I have heard not everyone’s voices go away with treatment. Have you heard that before?

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I have, I’m coming to terms that I’m maybe treatment resistant. But before I come to terms with that, I want to hear it from a doctor, I don’t want to give up hope yet. And she wasn’t exactly inspiring of hope.

Closest I got to her telling me I’m treatment resistant, heck even giving me a diagnosis, is her telling me “you might be experiencing psychosis” when I told her about the voices putting visions of A stranger hurting me in my head as the voices described it.

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