Update: girl I met on okcupid

I asked if I could volunteer at her house caring for her animals and she texted me yes , and we could be friends too. So now I have a volunteer job and a friend :thumbsup:

Turns out we have more in common than I thought.


That’s is just great khm khm Khm

Lol that was my attempt to make a decent joke ==> failed


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Can’t sleep again? :expressionless:

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That’s great Jon :relaxed: Things are really looking up for you, so glad to know that !!


Sounds like something very positive. It’s good to hear that someone has had a positive development in his life.


She said she’s gonna teach me to handle birds of prey

I’m kinda scared of that :scream:

Like put on a glove and have a hawk or owl sit on my glove


Maybe she used a metaphor… birds of prey… <–> female genitalia… just a thought, and I’m not very thoughtful by nature :blush:


Lol what?!?! :wink:

She has a pretty face, she’s a little overweight, but in an attractive way ;). And nice.

When I said I wanna be friends she said “I’m not looking for anything too crazy either”

I’d be looking into it too much if I said that was a sign she wanted to be “fwb’s”

I don’t really care either way, but I do have a libido! So it wouldn’t be the end of the world if she was a seductress… Lol I shouldn’t post these things. Oh well

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Hey @Andrey

Ce mai faci

I asked my Romanian friend to say something in Romanian for you…he won’t tell me what it means though?! Lol


It means "you silly goose"
No I’m joking, it means “How are you?”

Tell your friend “Șase sași în șase saci”.

Damit…beat to a joke by seconds


Lol his vocabulary is limited I guess

His parents are Romanian immigrants but he was born in California

Thought he’d give me a swear phrase or something

:slight_smile: Does she live in a zoo? jk :upside_down:

Oh I see. Did you now that “California” comes from the Spanish “hot furnace” ?

She has a cockatiel, 2 lorakeets, 4 huskies , 45 reptiles and 7 birds of prey

She rescued all the birds

She’s getting more soon, some will be released back into the wild, some are permanent residents.
She said she’s much more humane than the nature center we BOTH volunteered at…that’s what we had in common…we both hated the staff too and felt disrespected …that’s what we talked about last night a lot

WOW! Sounds like a handful! Your comment makes more sense though. I had imagined someone with a few cats. :smiley:



She has many volunteers she says and runs programs with the animals to make money. She sounds responsible. Not someone I’d wanna marry but it’d be fun to be friends til I move a 5 hour plane ride away in September :wink:

And before you call me a douchebag, I told her very clearly I’m moving to Washington sept 20th. So it’s not like I’m planning on breaking this poor girl’s heart or something by “o ya I forgot to mention, I’m moving”

This is great news TTP! Handling birds of prey would be a bit scary at first I imagine, but what a feeling it would be!

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Come 2 pm eastern standard time, I know I can always count on you turtle to come on for assurance. Tyvm.

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