Update and diagnosis thoughts

So it’s been a little while again since I posted. I guess I’m not addicted to the forum anymore because of 1) having been in hospital for a month and 2) having recovered.

My antidepressant meds they prescribed for my anxiety have started to work. My anxiety levels have been reduced a lot - I still worry about things but the physical effects of anxiety have been blocked.

So I’d worry but I wouldn’t have a racing fluttering heart or sore hand or a pit in my stomach. It’s wonderful!

The pdocs at the hospital said to me they couldn’t diagnose me yet at the time I left. If I had stayed longer they could have but I decided to leave after just a week and a half in therapy ward (instead of 4-5 weeks) because I was in general hospital for nearly a week and the psych hospital acute ward for two weeks as well and after all that I was tired of hospital and worried about my husband coping all alone.

My mother in law passed away the day I came out of hospital (22 Jan). She had covid and another infection that caused her kidneys to fail.

My father in law had covid too but he luckily survived and is now better.

It was sad about my mother in law but I also feel so much relief. I really didn’t like her and now my delusions of her poisoning me is gone which is a blessing!

Back to the diagnosis - on the referral letter/prescription the hospital gave me (which I only picked up yesterday along with my stuff I left at my sister) the “working diagnosis” which was main one they treated was anxiety disorder and secondary was personality disorder (probably borderline but they didn’t specify).

I don’t know about the sza - if I still have it or not. I did tell them about the voices and Alien and Sarah but they didn’t say if I have sza or sz or whatever.

It’s very frustrating but when I follow up I will ask. Otherwise why am I taking amisulpride then? And why do I get psychosis again if I stop it?

The pdocs told me I am a “challenge” to them to diagnose. I don’t see why - I just have more than one illness.

I definitely have anxiety disorder and borderline but surely I have sza as well. When I’m ill that’s my symptoms as well. Anyway I’ll have to discuss that with my new pdoc.

And that’s about it guys… apart from dealing with severe dust mite allergy. I’m itching all over my skin and my nose and throat and eyes.

I realised what caused my blocked nose over the years - not dairy or gluten or polyps - but dust mite allergy.

In the dust free environment of the hospital, my nose was normal and open. When I came home to dusty carpets I had to vacuum them but still the dust is affecting me. Maybe I will get some antihistamines…



I’m glad you got the treatment you needed. It’s too bad you couldn’t stay, but it sounds like you got a lot of of what time you did have in treatment.

I’m sorry your mother in law died. It’s too bad that’s what it took for you to not feel paranoid about being poisoned

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I’m in a similar boat. I’m a very complex case. I hope you find some answers soon.


glad to hear you better now =)

and sorry that your mother in law died =(
my condolences for that.

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That’s good that your anxiety has lessened. My anxiety has lessened over the years but I don’t know if it’s from meds or not.

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