Unique symptoms of schizophrenia?


I noticed during my psychotic episode I was highly sensitive to other people’s body language, and I would shudder and jerk back like basically flinching if someone was walking towards me. Or if somebody moved I would spasm. When I was sitting in my bedroom and could hear people talking loudly across the street I was literally spasming and shaking uncontrollably. Have any of you experienced motor symptoms of schizophrenia?


Body language was one of my obsessions in the prodromal days, I believed I could read it. I was very concerned with it, within reason. I could push that delusion aside and function most of the time.


I did that most of my entire life: push delusions aside in order to function in spite of them. I can really relate to that statement.


I flinch and gasp a lot when I think something bad might happen. I do it waaaaay more than is reasonable.

I’m also super sensitive to light and sound. I always have been, but it got a lot worse after I got sz.


I flinch from sudden movements but that’s from ptsd


I have this too and it pisses me off. I can’t sit still for some reason. Or even lie down. I shake and spasm all the time. Has anyone have this and know how to minimize it?


I had a delusion a demon was stuck inside me so I was rolling and shaking on the floor for several hours cuz it was controlling me.
My parents thought I was nuts… Hmmmmm


My motor symptoms are mostly pacing the floor and rocking. But haven’t done that for a while as I’ve been quite well these last months.


Ptsd of some sort here too. Even a darn door opening will startle me.


@LED, @Swaq’s symptoms is exactly what I’m talking about.


That’s interesting. I don’t really have any experience with that, short of what I explained above. Maybe talk to your doctor? I’m sorry I’m not much help.


It’s not a problem, I definitely will. I’m just clarifying my post because I didn’t really make much sense .


there is a study whick links it to vitamin b6 defeciency and i beleive the herb centella asiatica at around 5g mixed with one glass milk must be given for around 45 days this was suggested to me . i will try it and let you know it is also related to antibodies also i beileive.


try checking your calcium magnesium and manganese levels .aslo check whether you have any antibodies.(thyroid related). try sleeping early at around 8:30 pm .quality sleep should help with motor symptoms


That;s a accurate description.I feel similar, especially the part about jerking and have movements over and over.


I don’t know if this is part of my sza or not but it started when I was around 9 or 10 years old. Right around the time my father started incesting me. I press my lips together over and over, constantly, and I can’t quit. I do it subconsciously. The only things that control it are CBD oil 10 mg, and Klonipin 0.5 mg.


here is the case study of centella asiatica the herb

It is pretty safe but make sure the company you buy it from has a gmp .also you got to wait for 45 days with the 5gm dose. the dose used here was very high12gms for a day . i suugest you use only 5gms a day for 45 days


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