symptoms of schizophrenia

can you guys list maybe strange or unusual symptoms you or a loved one has had at the onset of a psychotic break/episode? ill list mine. anyone else relate to the ones i have??? please comment below.

so for me, i geet this urge to shave off all my hair (which sadly last night i did) and to sleep on the floor (which i also did last night.). i also isolate more and get more irritable around people. i get secretive and dont want to trust anyone.

also i have this strong urge to be homeless and lve on the streets, or to run away to a far off country away from everyone and live in the streets or in a hut somewhere.


These are common in sz, I wanted to be homeless and flew to a far country, isolation even from my family, irritable, violent, etc

Are you on meds?


Irritable, insomnia, racing thoughts, fear that my thoughts are being broadcasted, forgetfulness, isolation… and some others

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Wild delusions, hallucinating, hearing internal voices, maybe some external as well… working out, barely eating.

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Severe insomnia , voices and delusions

Lots of voices
Scattered thoughts
Losing train of thought
Weird shadows
Tactile hallucinations
Ideas of reference
Slow processing speed

I have been shaving off all of my body hair minus my beard and arm pits for months…
I feel like I’m actually in hell especially with how dark the world is and has become with the political way of it all … even the atmosphere.
Worst cases is when I get what feels like physically raped by demons over and over again.
It feels like an unseen presence that can actually man handle me in a real sense.
I moved to the west coast and all I had was my beautiful husky dog and then my lady also.
Then right after the pandemic started he died in my arms from a tumor at the vet/. Crazy thing is a week before something happened in my brain and a voice told me there’s was sonethjng in his stomach a week before and I had to pull it out.
Well I did and used energy or something and pulled out what looked like a glowing astral squid.
All I know is that my lady is all I have and we both get confused by what each other are saying and days like this feels like specially dark and like the earth is cracking open to suck me up to the next layer of hell.
It’s like I even hear my dog crying to me now while I also hear a Horrible mocking tone / frequency.
There so much more but I’ve likely over shared and apologize if I’ve been to much or tried taking over the conversation.
I’m sorry

Have you seen a psychiatrist yet? Medication can help.

My voice convinced me to pour water on my 1500 dollar macbook air and my upgraded 2 terabyte PS4, destroying both. It also told me to drive fast to prove I was psychic and I slammed into a guardrail and totaled my truck. This was all back in 2015/2016 when I was psychotic, before I recovered from delusions and paranoia.

Welcome to the forum, it’s a nice place to find support. The Say Anything thread is a great place to chill and hang out and talk about movies and sports and music and other things to get your mind off your symptoms.

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Voices made me go into dark forest at night in sketchy area of town to look for whatever they asked me to find.
They took control of the gas pedal and brakes in my truck and I ran redlights.
Had to keep a huge tv in back of truck that I found on the side of the road, if It slammed into the back , I lost the quest.
I had to go running at a track every morning at 5 am so I could learn to run fast enough to get away from the people that would try to kill me.

Use to get power up by the voices electric bolts of energy

I gave a lot of money away , took all money out of my bank accounts until only 777 dollars was in the account then switched to bank of the voices choice.

Was suppose to win 777 million dollars at a casino of there choice at 4am one day…

Made loaves of sandwiches that they would choose which homeless people would get it (at least that was nice)

And a bunch of other bull crap things that happened

I, too, shave sometimes my hair of. And I also was getting out with the intention to become homeless. But the way always led back to home.

My biggest symptoms are isolation, irritated mood, lack of sleep, and somatic delusions thinking that I’m terminally ill.

Same thing happened to me at 20 y.o. same year as my diagnosis. I hate those voices.

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My biggest symptom is voices and delusions that come when you don’t know where these voices come from.

When I first got ill in 2003 I had severe anxiety and mood swings, and danced down the road with earphones on and I cut my hair in a bizarre style and my mom was horrified with me. I believed evil spirits were trying to infiltrate my mind after my mom took me to get exorcism. I wrote all over my bedroom walls and paced and paced. I cut my arm numerous times.

I went into remission in 2007 and came off my meds and became all religious. I wanted to be a nun and I fasted and slept on floor and practised penance like wearing a crown of thorns and whipping my back. I cut all my hair off and covered it with scarf. A little voice told me I’m a saint. And I did want to be one.

Fast forward to after my relapse in 2012 - I believed my mother in law is trying to control me and poison my food. And I have two spirits in my head - Alien the evil spirit and Sarah the good spirit. Alien tries to control me and tells me to kill my husband and that I’m a murderer. I get severe depression and sometimes also hypomania. And I’ve cut myself more times.

I still also get urges to cut all my hair off - I did this at least one more time since my nun days. And if it weren’t for my husband I’d do it again and again. I have these urges to roam the streets and dance down the road again… but didn’t get that far

Ive had all those feelings and much more. I think you are brewing on a psycotic breakdown

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