Unfollowed all my friends on facebook

Am still friends but now I don’t see their posts. Just third parties I follow. Did the same on instagram. Feels great.


Good for you! I sometimes spend perhaps too much time on fb, but then I use that site/app as a time killer. I’ve thought of unfollowing one person on my friends list who makes a lot of negative posts/comments, but he’s my uncle, so I think I’d feel bad. I probably should do it, anyway; I don’t need negativity in my life.


I only follow about 10 out of 78 friends that I have on facebook…some people just post all day on facebook and it dominates the feed so that’s why I unfollow people.


yeah, social media can be overwhelming sometimes.

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I tried that once but then for some reason it unfriended them. So now I don’t want to touch it. I just go on facebook ever month or so.

I just deleted mine. It was full of people who don’t ever contact me and I had a false hope some old friends might want to reconnect.

Was making me dwell on the past too much. To move forward I need to start again somehow.

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I don’t do Social media anymore. No friends (in real life) and too paranoid. I have about 3000 people on Facebook, none of whom give a ■■■■ about me, so I don’t go on there anymore.