Understanding the Links Between Schizophrenia and Sleep Disorders




Im pretty sure my sleep disturbances are on the hp lovecraft level… when i read his works i understand what he went through…


@Anna possibly relevant to your interests.


I’ve been saying for years now one of the possible causes of sz could be a some sort of malfunction in regards to sleep in the brain. I have a presentation on it in class a couple years ago too. I’d love to go into research on it once I go for my phd. (If I ever end up going for my phd :sweat_smile:)


I think they’re saying the new med lumateperone is supposed to address slow wave sleep abnormalities. That will be nice. I’ve also always had sleep issues since childhood.


you know 5ht2a antagonism isn’t free of side effects. lumateperone could cause terrible ocd in some people, maybe many.


I don’t recollect OCD being listed as a reported side effect in the recent trials. Not that it means it can’t be, but they ask questions and some weird stuff gets reported. I’ve seen spider bites reported as adverse events.

5ht2a antagonism isn’t unique to lumateperone either, other APs use this action in varying degrees.

This is an interesting article about how it’s thought to work.


Scz is just damn depressing.

Real depression is you can’t get of of bed…for days…even weeks…at a time.

Depression is when you’re shot cold out of the rest of your life, and you are still living it. It’s the loss of hope for a future 100%. No supportive data suggests there is a hope.

So not being awake is about as good as it gets in those spells.

If and when life is better, the the very same people can do without much sleep.

The best cure for depression I know of is financial success because all you have to do is fly or drive away from what you don’t want to feel or think about at the time. Go have a dinner. Go do something. Go find some need people at a new hangout. Then when you come back to the problem or whatever, you come back at it from above it or aloof, and you simply navigate through it automatically without feeling it.

But when your life’s problems land squarely on you, and there is no way to “break out” because you don’t have the financial means, then the next best thing is…



Applying the above mentioned characterization by clinical events, a subgroup of comorbid patients is defined by the order 1 – 2 – 3: These patients experienced the de novo-onset of OCS or a marked aggravation of OCS severity after treatment initiation with second generation antipsychotics (SGA), most importantly clozapine (CLZ). Noteworthy, SGA carry the important pharmacodynamic feature of balanced antidopaminergic and antiserotonergic properties that markedly exceed 5HT-receptor blockade by first generation antipsychotics (FGA) [35,36]. Starting with the observations of Baker et al. [37] and De Haan et al. [38] the hypothesis of SGA-induced OCS first came up [39]. Since then several studies support this assumption, especially for CLZ [40-42].


And I know. I’ve been there.

My spells were for days on end never getting up out of bed except for when it hurt I had to go to the bathroom or hunger was too painful, so like once or twice a day for just a few.

Over time though as I began to philosophize and write I began to climb out of it. This practice would give me a temporary fix, and I could go get things done in the real world. Then everything would crash down again, and it would all start over.

So in the early years it was several days at a time many times a year, but over time it became fewer days and fewer times per year until barely ever.


And on the other hand even more often and more of a problem was my scz rampaging all night keeping me awake, so I could hardly keep a schedule in the early part of the days. Eventually I figured out I could take a little tiny nibble of some mj candy, and that would let me fall asleep. I didn’t like the candy because it slowed my performance while I did work, but incapable of sleeping until it was too late, and the day had already begun was going to keep me from doing any work in the first place.


The thing is most of the 2nd generation drugs people are on already have this as a target. So if you’re on risperidone or olanzapine or whatever, and have increased prolactin, fasting blood sugar, weight gain etc, is promising.

5-HT2A and the association with OCD is obviously complicated. It’s not that clear cut, clozapine hits a lot of targets. The drugs currently used for OCD are mostly SSRIs.

I reread the ITI 007 side effects and it appears the most common one was sedation, at a rate of 17%. No mention of treatment emergent OCD.

*had to edit, I screwed some things up. Currently have screaming in my ear and someone in my space trying to hump my leg, ugh.


Dreaming while awake can be a sz problem


It’s hard to sleep when the brain is under attack. That’s why if you do manage to fall asleep the dreams are invariably nightmares


This makes sense bc the only time I ever hallucinate is when I’m sleeping and wake up