So Lumateperone/caplyta is a big money making failure

Another terrible review I just read about this stupid drug. They failed their trials and many people in the trials hated this drug. They said no side effects…bs!

Another ■■■■■■ up drug to screw with peoples head. I hope they get all the money their after from this let down of a drug.

I’m not taking this drug, seems way to scary.

I know it’s a long shot but all I can count on now is natural remedies, which I doubt will do much for schizophrenia.


Bad news again @Green
This makes me cry

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There won’t be anything for negative symptomes, don’t even dream about it. I think negative symptomes are from brain damage IMO


FDA approved it so it’s fine. If they failed their trials FDA won’t approve it

Wait for sep 363856 ,it has been granted breakthrough therapy by fda

I know that taking a new meds for the first time is like sailing out into unknown waters. But the meds companies must inform the patient about all the side effects of the meds to avoid being sued later. My personal experience with meds is the newer the less side effect but at the same time less efficient against psychosis

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