Understanding other ppl

I have trouble understanding what ppl say to me. It becomes mumbo jumbo in my head. Words are thrown around or I hear wrong words. I have to guess what they are trying to tell me. Is this a symptom or something else? Maybe I’m getting Alzheimer’s?

I have a lot of noice in my head. The voices and noice make me tired and unfocused.

There is a phenomenon out there called “Auditory Processing Disorder.” It’s where the message is received, but remains encrypted. The brain fights to make sense of the data coming in. Sometimes it succeeds, sometimes it fails. For example, if some says to you, “Hi Comatose. What did you have for breakfast?” you might only be able to respond with a simple hello. This is a very basic illustration of what goes on. When you start adding in hallucinations such as noise and voices, it is perfectly normal for it to be interpreted as garbage. Cerebral cortex overload. I recommend asking people to slow down in their speech to you, so you have more time to process. Like I said, it sounds like your mind is getting overloaded.

You write clearly. I have the same problem understanding the news when I am drunk.

Writing is not a problem. I have time to think and read again before responding. Hearing/understanding talk is much much harder.

@anon40540444 can that come anytime or are you born with it. I’ve never heared of it before. My problem has lasted for 3 months.

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@Comatose, it can begin at any point in time. Onset USUALLY starts in infants, but can affect any age group.

Feels like my brain is giving up on me. Anything that can go wrong, goes wrong. :frowning:

I’m like that - can’t take in what people are saying. But I can write well.

I think it’s a medicine side effect.

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I must call and ask tomorrow. What meds are you on @pob?