I can’t understand what people are saying

I have probably posted about this before, but I don’t remember.

I have a big problem understanding what people say. I hear the sounds they make, and I understand the language, but it takes my brain forever to process the sounds from random gibberish into actualy words.
It feels like dyslexia or something, but for spoken instead of written words.

It frustrates me because I feel dumb, and it frustrates other people because I keep having to ask them to repeat themselves, and because it takes me a long while to respond due to replaying what they said in my head until the words make sense.
I feel like it’s become worse recently.

Is there a way for me to train this and minimize my response-time?

I went through something like that in my twenties. It was right while my family was getting family group therapy with two other families. People would talk and ask me questions and I would have no idea what they just said. And so of course I wouldn’t know what to say and I kept asking everybody to repeat themselves. It didn’t win me a lot of fans, believe me.

The good news is the problem went away after a few months and never returned.
In fact, today over at my sisters house today she had to tell me not to talk too much.

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Есть ли способ для меня, чтобы тренировать это и минимизировать время отклика?

Ask your psychiatrist and neurologist?
I am sometimes like that depending on the subject’s complexity.


That Escalated Quickly… . … :100: