Uncomfortable around children

I did not have intrusive thoughts 5 years ago. But know that i have them i feel uncomfortable around children. I don’t want to look at them because i don’t want to think an intrusive thought about them.Five years ago i would smile at children, lift up a baby that want to be held. It never occurred that I would be afraid of them or be thinking perverted thoughts. I want my innocence back, a time i was kind, cheerful,and loved children and babies.

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i kind of understand, i’m afraid of children. i don’t know how to act around kids, i don’t know how to play games or color with them.

That’s OCD. Go read up on it. That’s a common symptom- feeling like you might hurt delicate people or animals. I used to have severe OCD, now have mild OCD, had a girlfriend with severe OCD too.

Based on what you wrote, I feel compelled to ask, “Have you looked for a psychotherapist who specializes in adults with a history of child abuse?”

If you’re in the USA, you could use the PT locator to find one. See Find a Therapist, Psychologist, Counselor - Psychology Today.

Defiantly something to talk to a professional about. If you are seeing a psychiatrist and/or a therapist mention it to them.asap. if not get one of each asap. if you have neither do mention it your general practitioner what’s going on. Don’t try to tackle this all on your own. It can be a touchy subject and peoples reaction mostly likely will be a problem, But it takes a bigger person to ask for help. You done it here time to follow through.

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I don’t have a history of child abuse nor abuse children. I’ve told my psychiatrist about my intrusive thoughts and he has prescribed me some medication and said intrusive thoughts are normal and no reason to be ashamed of them or their content.

Very much agreed. Did he recommend a course of either psychodynamic or cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy? Sounds like they might help. Also sounds like once you’re underway, you might be able to leverage the costs with some of the really good workbooks now available for $20 or so on amazon.com. I’ve done more than 20 so far, and found them to be life changers.

I try not to get around children. Mainly because of what is going on out there with all the kidnapping and child molesting. I like children, but I’m not going to take the risk of being accused of these things.

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Man, I’m glad I’m not alone!

I’ve been uncomfortable around children for the last couple of years. Mainly thinking perverted thoughts and being unsure of what to say. I haven’t met with a doctor in about a year. I have medication but it doesn’t work all that well…I still hear voices. Their is one voice in particular that tells me to do perverted things. Yes, I can ignore it. However, it’s tiresome.

Far from it, especially in the borderline, bipolar and psychotic disorders. Very common. Lots of reasons running from triggering dim memories of severe child abuse through unconscious identification with infants’ and toddlers’ helplessness in the face of overwhelming threat to wanting to hurt small children as a symbolic means of pushing back against the hated self. There are probably a hundred other reasons.

But if we do hear The Voices telling us to do “perverted things” with small children, we can get help for that from therapists who are skilled at 1) understanding and working with sz pts in particular, and 2) using the cognitive behavioral psychotherapies to dismantle those Voices and the affective (roughly "sensory-emotional) impulses those Voices try to trigger into action.

The technology IS there, and has been used successfully for about 20 years now.