Uncertain now


now that my mini crisis is over im a little confused. if I move out I won’t be able to garden at my new place and I would be abandoning my berry bushes I’ve already established. but if I move out and away from my parents it will be a fresh start and maybe i’ll be in a neighborhood where I can go for walks to help pass the time. im not really sure what I should do, move or stay.


When one makes a decision like that, one has to stick with it, right or wrong. It’s difficult to backtrack. My parents moved many times when I was a child, and although it was difficult, I learned from each new place.


I vote move. But you have to figure it out for yourself.


on the one hand I don’t want to drive ever on the other hand im going to miss not being able to grow for myself.


I say move too…


the good thing about this place is. I stay out of trouble. there is nothing to do, can’t go for walks anymore. I’ve put on 20 pounds. it’s nice to have my parents to talk to on occasion but I can still get bored with that. I would probably be lonely if I moved away as I’m not real social. I don’t meet people easily.


That’s a tough decision. I’d choose living with people because I don’t like living alone. I’ve done it and I get suicidal really quick if I’m alone. But it’d be great to live somewhere safe enough to walk around.


I think there are pros and cons to both scenarios. You just have to figure out what you want more. I wish you luck. I’m terrible with making decisions and i always second guess myself and think i did the wrong thing.


really my gardening was an idealistic pursuit of my youth. living off the land, and growing my own food. it’s nice to be outside but boy does pulling weeds get old quickly. it would be no big deal if I just bought my salad at the grocery along with my meat. I don’t know what im going to do yet. i’ll look into my options and then make a decision. if I can make friends somewhere it might be good to leave.

its not like I have an attachment to this place, we’ve only been here now for 2 years. I feel like it’s just preparing me to move around some. I’ve already said I will leave Indiana when mom and dad die, probably to Georgia, south Carolina, or north Carolina, somewhere a little warmer in the winter but still affordable and not too warm.


Just so you know, it gets really hot here in SC in the summer. Sometimes hits 100 degrees. Air conditioning is a must if you move here.


in a perfect world i’d be rich. i’d live in coastal maine during the summer and be your pretentious neighbor in the winter. i’d tell you all my stories about my travels.


Okay, this is probably a dumb qurstion but, how far away would you be moving??
If it is somewhat local, couldn’t you just go over to your parent occasionally to keep your garden up?


I don’t know I would probably not be moving far. a town over or so, but I don’t own a car. my caseworker takes me to dr appts and the grocery store. I have a license but don’t like to drive, im thinking of giving it up. it’s possible that I could garden on their land and live somewhere else but that just makes me think I should stay. if I move I will probably stop gardening all together, maybe just have house plants.


I’ve decided to stay for awhile if they’ll let me. I’m not going back to school to study business, so they may want me out for that reason.

here I have, a tv, I don’t watch much, a garden, a internet connection, room for my guitar, 2 bathrooms, a nice homegym. I may relent and buy a car some day, if im going to stay. and on occasion mom will cook me dinner. O and a firepit, I can have fires.

it would be nice if one of my friends needed a place to stay I would have a roommate. I don’t want to open the place up to just anybody though.


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