I pay the entire utility bill each month because my roommate never uses the heat and stays in his room most of the time.
My bill for February was $288.00!

I know why. It’s a small apartment but it has two wall heaters close by each other.
I got in the habit of turning them both on as high as they will go and falling asleep with both of them on. So they are both on until I get up in the morning. I can cover the bill this month but boy, I am now being more conscious of not just letting the heaters run all day and night. Warmer weather is coming so the monthly bill will go down to $60 or $70.


MY electric and gas bill will be around 400 next month, after a nasty cold spell


Wow. Don’t you use a fireplace?

Don’t have one and have to keep the heat up so the pipes don’t freeze

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Have you looked into any discounts from the utility company or your city or state? You may qualify for a discount depending on your income or maybe even because of your illness.

no. I don’t qualify for anything, unless I become homeless, then it takes about a year of being homeless to get anything

can’t you have it turn off at night? Like programming it… so it goes off when you are asleep?

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I was running a space heater too much too, and my bill is up this month. I won’t be using it anymore.

Good suggestion but my heater doesn’t have that feature.

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I thought it would be cheaper for me heating with wood, but with prices rising every year it’s costing me more now then it did on natural gas when I was in town.

Add on to that using the electric baseboards as backups, just to make sure that the pipes don’t freeze, the bill has went from about $70 a month up to 300. Now that does include my recording studio, but still

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I was in the hospital, and my pipes burst. I have 400 water bill and 150 plumbing bill.


That blows, sorry to hear

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