Unanswerable questions

I’ve got plenty, and I can never seem to get a straight answer.

How do you handle questions without answers? Deal with possibly never knowing?

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Very disheartening when you don’t get answers, I feel you! There’s nothing more frustrating! I asked my local pdoc if it was common for the voices to be smart and intelligent and he just kept dodging the question. All I wanted to know was if it was common for them to be intelligent so I’d know if it was normal or that I wasn’t the only one. They really let me down at a time when i desperately needed them. Luckily I asked my private pdoc and he told me it was.

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I got faith. Took me 22 years to develop it.

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Mine are intelligent, intelligent enough to trick me sometimes, trick me into believing. So I can confirm they can be smart.

I guess I’m trying to change my first reactions to them, instead of pounding my head against a wall trying to figure out the impossible I should just let it go.

Thanks buddy

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Faith in what? Unless that’s a topic to avoid?

Faith that when I drive, my wheels don’t fall off and my breaks work…faith can be a lot of things.

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Even the faith that’ll turn out ok if I let it go, Hrm, maybe.

Thanks dude

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i never stop looking for answers,

looking for answers i guess you need to question something first

you cant find an answer without asking the right question.

so what is the right question?

thats up to you to decide

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Just embrace uncertainty brcause thats a part of life. Realistically, you cant have all the answers to everything. Even the wisest may not know, i guess. Just prioritize what you need to know… in small steps.


I feel like I know everything already. Could be mania. I don’t know lol.

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