Unable to tell if someone is joking with you or at you?

Anyone else unable to tell whether someone is laughing with you or at you? I always think anytime someone makes a joke they are laughing at me.

Try assuming the other way for a week, see how it goes. You’re one of the more naturally funny people I’ve met - I’d bet a quarter they’re joking with you.


I have had that happen before. If it’s irrational, use that as an opportunity to practice control of your instincts that rationaly want you to think and act on the irrational thought or instinct that they are “laughing at you.” I try to disprove the thoughts of people laughing or wanting to fight me when in reality they most likely arent. Those are opportunities to work with your self is a way to look at it.

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that moment when you realize kazuma and kenforce are different posters…

it’s the k that got me

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The story of my life.

Yes it’s annoying as hell

If I can’t tell, I just assume they’re laughing with me. In my group of friends though, we are pretty into light hearted mocking, so I also don’t mind when people are actively laughing at me. Especially when I do something ridiculous, like when I put on every article of clothing I own and tried to hunt invisible bats in the walls of my house.

If people are laughing at me, and I can chuckle at myself too, it turns into them laughing with me.

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Take heart. The gauntlet was thrown down. And the human laugh was bigger.

No, I’m fairly open to many senses of humor. Even a bad attempt at a joke gets me to laugh b/c humor is not about ego, so looking silly is always good too.