Ummm i messed up

I been clean from weed for almost 11 months then i got really drunk on the 3rd and smoked some weed. Havent done it since… hope i get better soon. My dr just put me on meds that i cant get drunk on


Shouldn’t be a problem. Just dont fall into habit again.

what medication you on

It’s hard sometimes and chemicals seem an easy answer. For most though it’s not a good thing. Weed messes with most of us with psychotic issues. It can be poison and it can be something people rely on. Not a good mix.

You know what you need. Stuff happens. When I first got put on antipsychotics someone told me weed wasn’t good. I stopped then and never looked back. I’m glad I took that advice and I still have friends who smoke daily.

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We all mess up from time to time. I occasionally do weed, even though i’m not supposed to. Don’t beat yourself up. You’ve done a good job to not smoke any until the 3rd.

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It’s easy to do things you wouldn’t normally do when you’re drunk. Don’t beat yourself up, but be careful about how much you drink in the future maybe? I smoked weed when I got drunk earlier this year, I’d never usually smoke it. Luckily it just made me fall asleep.

Just shrug it off as a one off and start again on a clean slate.

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Trazadone. Zoloft. Invega depot

Zoloft is amazing!! In combo with naltrexone I never drink!!!

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I heard it stops working after a while

the Zoloft??? im still on 50 mg, its still effective. I tried 75 and it didn’t make a much of a difference so I cranked it back down to 50

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Im also on clozapine

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