Ulotaront completion date of 2025

Hi guy. So i went on clinical trials gov and i noticed that for one of there trials it says the completion date is june 2025. Does this mean ulotaront wont be available until like 2026. Because people are saying its going to be available in 2024.

Heres the link where it says completion date of june 2025.

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Ah, shame.

My abilify is ramping up.soon I will be past max limit.

This was my hope.

Still, can always become a loon. I mean, moreso than I already am!

Check other phase 3 trials,most ending by 2024, the link that says 2025 should be the china Japan trial


Yes the link is the Japanese trial. Three of the USA trials are estimated to complete by February 2023.
But one USA trial estimated to complete February 2024. No one knows which of the 4 USA trials must have good results before an application could be submitted.


@robertc you sure its not completion of all of them before the drug gets approved? Thats what i was assuming

@treter the Japanese trial does not count for USA I suspect. Only the company knows if they will use all 4 USA trial results to apply. If they elect to use the first 3 USA trials then 2024 approval is possible. If they use all 4 USA trials then 2025 approval is possible. I hope/guess they do not need Japanese trial here.


@robertc are you also planning to try ulotaront when it comes out? Ulotaront might make a lot of money. Being the first new medication that dosnt antagonize dopamine receptors. It might be really popular.

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there is also karxt and plenty of new upcoming medicine in trial that doesn’t target dopamine receptors

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@Treter I have not decided if I will try it. I think the real ownership of drug is a Japanese company.

@swordiebrom yeah im hoping these new drugs are good for negative symptoms. Since itndosnt target dopamine receptors it shouldnt make us unmotivated the way drugs that target dopamine receptors do.