UK Benefits for Schizophrenia

I’ve had two episodes of psychosis and am on a phased return to work but am struggling to get back to normal on 10mg Olanzapine.

I have a shared ownership property and so pay for rent and mortgage. I have total outgoing bills of around £1000 per month.

If I can’t manage at work in the long term then does anybody know what I would be entitled to claim and how much I would be able to receive a month.

I’m worried that I’ll end up homeless if I can’t manage.


Hey, I’m not entirely sure Tbh because there is a new system now called universal credit. In the UK.

I think it would be a good idea to ask at your local job centre because those deal with benefits too.

Maybe ask them for advice.

Especially if you have a shared property it is not as straight forward perhaps.

Gd luck

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Universal credit and limited capacity to work is about £750 a month - and they don’t ask you to look for work and may have an assessment

Add PIP onto to that and you’ll be covered. This is probably one of the hardest things to get however


If you, @Luke83 don’t have a cpn, chances of pip are tiny.

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Thank you.

Hopefully will be able to manage work but worrying about the future.

I work also,

Recently lost UC and limited capacity to work due to my savings now being over the amount your allowed

Still get PIP though

@anon66864989 is right thought - you need a care coordinator to vouch for your PIP otherwise there is not a chance in hell you’ll get given it. You may not get it first time either


Yeah I have a CPN and am with the CMHT early intervention in psychosis team.

The CPN is absolutely useless though. The only thing she does is try to increase medication.

Will have to follow up and see if I can get help.

I’m on a salary of 26,000 at the moment though so doubt I’ll get anything unless I can’t keep the job.

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Pip you can get regardless of how much money you make. But… It may be trickier.

You’d really need to make a very good case

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I’ll speak with my CPN and see what I can do. I’ve got loads of bills so hopefully that will help.

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My friend said i’d get £200 more on UC but idk, I’m not going to rock the boat and i am very grateful for what i receive

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I have a brilliant community nurse so no problems with me getting PIP straight away without face-to-face assessment. I think I would of passed without the letter he wrote as can’t live independently. I’m on £1300 4/week month excluding house benefit, thats on top which is £816. I have a lot of disposable income.

Do you live on your own. I tryed to get pip but they said I wasnt elegable for it

Yeah living on my own and struggling to keep on top of work and the house.

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