Uh oh...paranoid delusions are forming around thia forum

Not good. Don’t want to post. Words can’t be taken back. Eeek head spinning they’re on to me.

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no one is watching u hunni. post whatever u like. xxx

What are you paranoid about? I RARELY get attacked on here. In fact since these forums opened a couple months ago, I rarely see ANYONE attacked. I see support and people trying to help each other. Is it possible that it is just purely your own paranoia that’s forming and NOT anything we’ve done? I understand that paranoia is paranoia. If you feel paranoid…it is because you’re paranoid. Paranoia is irrational. Inventing and reacting to a threat that is not real.That’s paranoia for you. I have it too. I sure hope with this post that I’m not adding to your problems.

Not being attacked. They are on here RIGHT NOW

eeek! who are “they”? is it me? 'm just an average joe. not one of “them” whoever “they” are. calm down hunni. everything’s cool. xxxx

Who? Who is on here right now?

But on the new forum, words can be taken back. There is a longer window to edit and you can delete post and it will be removed.

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my ‘they’ are also here - i am not even kidding - so since it’s ur ‘they’ and my ‘they’, and everybody cannot be ‘them’ - chances are - there are very few of ‘them’


I too have some paranoid thoughts surrounding the newer forum, i’m worried of judging. Thoughts keep running through my head, plus the woman that i hear isn’t helping, she judges me all the time but i’m getting use to this place.

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but since it is them too you both, who are they that im dealing with?
are they them, or is it i?

either their number is growing exponentially or they are becoming less and less mathematically plausible. all right - I constantly check to see who got registered when - and feel like users registered back in 2013 are more trustworthy and less likely to be them - like - oh, november 2013 - very nice - u have my clearance now…
i personally registered in 2014 - no affiliation though…

so are u them? that where they, yet havent said anything
about i

and i dunno i could be part of them, yet i dunno, they havent informed me yet
or did they?

i am getting tired of them. lets talk about us - so - how often do they bother u - no - i’m joking.

who they or them? i dunno us is their an us?
or is it they or them in disquise. planning lurking too get the best of us…

Is it them in disguise? Anyone could be used by them for a few minutes and not even know about it. Some users may be them and know it. Do I just have to not care and trust everyone?

like lana had tattooed over her hand.
thrust no one

From my experience, most of the people on here are kind and supportive. Nothing to worry about.

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well that can be, yet thrust no one

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we’ll have trust soon.

its going to be one of the nicest things ive ever felt.

Them are here. This commercial has bugged me since I saw it on TV.