Tyrosine as a neuro-enhancer review

Hello guys and gals. I reached an all-time low, and I was seriously getting myself worked up for suicide. Well, I tried a shot in the dark to improve myself, and next thing I know, I am back from the dead.

I use 1000mg of L-tyrosine laced with vitamin B6 every morning. This came to me from analyzing and researching the active ingredients in a famous athlete’s proprietary workout supplement. I went and bought the ingredients listed as “neuro support” isolated in pill form.

I took a conservative dose of what is really L-Dopa, and my cognition went from “I cant figure out how to shave my neck without slitting my throat” to “I am conflicted between neuroscience or international business for my masters”. Oh, I proceeded with neuroscience. Business is all about money, and I am not all about money. I just dig real sciency stuff about psych.

I also took the side of quantum and string theory.

I have been offered three jobs, but they were no good. Graduate school is what I am really up to- it takes precedence over work.

I lost 27lbs as of an hour ago.

I recommend tyrosine in a conservative dose of 1000mg.


@Erez_Shmerling this may be relevant to your interests.

Tyrosine does not work much for increasing dopamine because the process is light-dependent. Light has to hit the retina. Of course tyrosine does a lot of things other than dopamine, such as with thyroid hormones.
However pay attention to the fact that abnormal tyrosine metabolism is a cause of schizophrenia recognized in literature.

As for vitamin B6, it increases monoamine neurotransmitter production and worsened my pseudohallucinations.


thank you @AmateurUnlicensedQuack I love you!
You provide an option that may save users from severe brain damage caused by schizophrenia.
I value your contribution immensely, I will probably try L-Tyrosine at the dose you recommended.

Something’s fishy something’s afoul

Don’t you have to supplement Tyrosine with 5-htp?

@AmateurUnlicensedQuack do you recommend 5 htp as well or is it a waste of money?
Is 5 htp good for sleep and cognition?

5htp is serotonin. It seems to mellow people out, but remember: too high a dose of either dopaminergic or serotinergic drugs always causes psychosis in the end.

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Ok @AmateurUnlicensedQuack thanks.
I want to say- I have decided, partly based on what I read and partly based on what you wrote
that I don’t need 5 HTP.
I do consider supplementing with B vitamin complex(you mentioned vitamin B6), plus L tyrosine.
that’s probably what I will do.

Alright I’m gonna try out L-Tyrosine along with my other vitamins. I have a bottle of 500mg capsules, I’ll start with that. Hope it helps.

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I want to add- better to take LIQUID tyrosine for superior absorption.

Well it’s been a few hours since I took it. I’ll be honest, placebo or not, I do feel sharper, almost subtly, but noticeably. I was able to read for a few hours, finishing a book that I’ve had for months. I read more in one day than I’d previously had in a few months. And I recall what I’ve read.

I think you’re right, Quack.


I’m afraid to take something that increases dopamine.

I find nootropics are best “stacked” (more than one nootropic in the same pill). Stacking creates a synergistic effect among the nootropics, and it’s cost-effective and convenient (you don’t have to buy the nootropics separately).

Nootropics may not improve cognition, but if you do want to make a financial investment in the case that they do, then I’d recommend mindlabpro.com

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L tyrosine works very well in increasing my dopamine, in fact too well. I started to have anxiety, shaking and psychosis.

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Hi new user! Thanks for resurrecting this thread. It is an interesting reminder. Your input is also interesting. L-Tyrosine. Neat.

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