l-Tyronsine and psychosis

Has anyone else seemed to have gotten psychotic or has their psychosis worsened after taking l-tyrosine supplements for several months?

It didn’t happen right away, it took months before I noticed it developing.

Also, I am on 2mg of Rexulti and 1200mg of Trileptal. Things got a lot better pretty quickly after discontinuing the l-tyrosine.

I was recovering from a more psychotic episode from winter (BP1 dx) and started feeling depressed, antidepressants aren’t beneficial so I figured I would try this. I am hoping I can avoid an increase in the dose of Rexulti.

Tyrosine is a direct precursor to Dopamine. I don’t know the medications you mentioned, but most anti psychotics work to downregulate dopamine since people who are diagnosed with psychosis tend to have this neurotransmitter unbalanced.

I have tried Tyrosine briefly as a experiment and I thought it worsened my symptoms slightly, so I discontinued it.

You could try taking vitamin-D which works a a mild anti-depressive agent and is considered pretty safe unless you take megadoses.

Tryptophan might be a option to try as well. Tryptophan works similar as anti-depressives by raising serotonin, however you can’t take it if you already are taking a anti-depressive medication as it can cause serotonin syndrome which in turn can cause death.

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Thanks. Sounds like I’m not alone. I saw it mentioned here and thought I’d try it. I felt a lot better within days after discontinuing it. I already take vitamin D3 and I’ve taken antidepressants before but they either make things worse or so nothing but give me side effects. My illness is strange and mostly a cyclic or episodic psychosis but not a chronic psychosis. Usually I don’t have severe mania if you look at just my mood symptoms. More like mixed hypomania with psychosis eventually being the most prominent feature so I’ll stick with taking my moderate dose of Rexulti and stay away from nootropics.

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Despite this, low frontal cortex dopamine can create an increase in dopamine. In researched Schizophrenia cases there are precedents where there is low Tyrosine. When there is high dopamine, there is actually lower than desired Tyrosine, and frontal cortex dopamine.


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