Typical day on my new diet

Breakfast - wholegrain cereal and milk
Lunch - baked potato, tuna and sweetcorn
Dinner - chicken, rice
Supper - banana & 2 satsumas

Comes in right on 2000 calories


If you can stick to 2000 calories the weight will fall off.


I hope it works for you. Nothing has worked for me in the long term.


Nice diet, wish I could stick to something like that

Very nice. I rarely type out my eating schedule but here it is:
I usually eat:

Breakfast: Oolong tea (unsweetened) and Theanine.
Wait 30 minutes or so.
Then: Grape nuts served hot with hemp hearts and a banana mashed in it.

Lunch: Refried beans or Lentils with flour tortilla and hot sauce.
But before that I have Oolong tea with Theanine again.

Dinner: Either refried beans or Lentils with flour tortilla or Grape nuts with banana and hemp hearts.

Lol I have a very boring food variety when I’m alone.

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i really should get fat free milk, but…

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I recommend that you consume more fruits and vegetables.


Wait what? I thought dinner and supper were one and the same thing?!

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Or add a multivitamin to your diet. I like the gummy vitamins, because they don’t taste like dirt.

@Ninjastar the best source to get your vitamins and minerals is naturally through the diet.

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That is true, but a multivitamin is better than nothing on days when you can’t get the proper nutrients.

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wow so cool! good job! :slight_smile:

i saw 10-pound bags of potatoes today. couldn’t get it though, as I carry my groceries home by lifting, not pushing. i got a good bag of carrots though. just ate a carrot now. feeling like a rabbit