Types of voices

So I had a month and a half psychotic episode back in 2014, (not sure if that’s a long or short time) The voices I heard up until 2017 weren’t like someone talking to me, it was like the voice you hear when you go cliff jumping that says don’t jump, and there were multiple and at the time I was under the impression they were gods (I was atheist up until that point in time). What types of voices did or do you hear? Anyone else have a episode dealing with Gods or religion?

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I was having mental conversations with dead people, and I also got visual disturbances alongside these instructions.

They told me what to draw at one point, and I was obsessed with communicating with them as I thought it was an out of this world experience.

I didn’t know anything about mental illness at the time, and my family failed to recognise the signs and did not get me help in good time.

All I can say now is that I strongly believe something special happened, but I wasn’t strong enough to control it.

I have not had audible voices for a few years now, as I have been pretty much stable on meds. I have had bouts of delusions and thought disorder when I tried to come off meds, and intrusive thoughts about suicide which was distressing.


Mine was a woman telling me i should die for them. I thought i was some Jesus figure for about a day, but it quickly faded when i started coming back to reality. This was my initial voices/psychosis.

Mine are mostly government type, i had an army man talking in the army code talk. Must be from studying their phonetics from my linguistic classes.

I also had a couple gangstalkers in there but those faded after they left me alone for awhile.

I also have a changing voice of family members where i thought we could speak telepathically to each other. That faded after a day, came back once. Never seen it again.

Lately its been government agents, most of the time it is.

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I get the same 3 people talking in my head (technically 4 but the last one doesn’t actually talk. It’s wierd). What/who they are can change. They can be people from other worlds giving me messages about things here or just normal people who have input on what I’m doing.

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My voices were extremely demanding and critical from halfway onwards

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I hear a bunch of different voices, but always the same ones.
I’ve learned a lot through group therapy, one of those things being that each voice has a purpose and represents certain aspects of my being.

One of them, for an example, is a older priest named Aamund who talks about God either loving or wanting to punish me. I’ve learnt he represents the unaccepting christian society I grew up in, and how I never felt welcome there.

Another one keeps telling me to off myself when I’m stressed or depressed, and I’ve learned he does that because there’s some situations in my life I subconsiously want out of, and death would be the quickest way to obtain that.


The most consistent voice was a running commentary. I thought it was my id. Sometimes it would be low in the background and sometimes louder. He used a lot of profanity and always was critical of what I was doing. With meds he’s quiet, although I still sometimes know what he’s thinking. I’ve also had voices that just popped into to my head and told me to behave in certain ways or command me to do things. I get some whispers in my ear and sounds outside of my head like voices coming from the electrical and phone outlets, showerheads, fans and other electronics. I also sometimes hear low background music, a group of toddles getting excited, and men outside talking but I can’t make out what they are saying. Sometimes I hear people getting out of a vehicle and slamming the car doors but no one is out there.


I used to have three voices. I mostly have one now, ownie.

Anthony, a guy I used to work with, that’s his real name. The leader of the IRA in my town. He’s very sadistic and very focused on making me suffer he gets enjoyment from tormenting me. Saying this, when he was at its worst on a plane ride home (he tried to get me to open the emergency exits,in flight and wanted me to make the plane crash) I actually laughed at him and compared him to Homer Simpson. I lold at the time which took enormous strength.

Noel, he’s an IRA operative who I attributed to my old neighbor who I thought was watching me through cameras. He was very sadistic but rational and intelligent. He’s second in command, but at the same rank of Anthony.His one focus was to punish me for the insult I said to Anthony (leader of the IRA in my town) and to make me insane. His words.

Ownie, he’s a member of the Provisional IRA and was sent to keep an eye on Noel and Anthony, to make sure they don’t make me do something stupid, he’s a guardian of sorts. He’s a high ranking PIRA commander on the same level as Anthony but in the PIRA instead of the IRA. But he has a dark side, in the early stages he was very sadistic as well telling me to kill and got enjoyment out of my suffering (when the voices got loud) he’s the one I hear when I get whispers and faint voices nowadays.

John, is the boss of ownie. He’s the head of the PIRA in my town. Ownie answers to John but not Anthony or Noel. He came because I was intimidating ownie by reading his mind (or hearing his thoughts) and John was meant there to prove that I couldn’t read minds and to reassure ownie. He was a very old fashioned, kind of reassuring voice which Sounded like he was the boss of the PIRA. Always ensured me it was never too late to start a new life away from all the voices. He actually made a deal with Anthony to make him stop sending voices for two days a week. But he also had a dark side, non shelontly telling me to kill myself after I tried but failed to rationalize my way out of hearing voices.john told me to do this as an experiment by Telling myself it wasn’t possible to hear voices. It actually dulled them a bit.


Whispers: can’t make them out, maybe a single word if I focus

The crowd: crowd of dead souls who torment and pick on me

Linda and Nina: they tell me I’m sick and need to wake up. Claim to be my wife and daughter.

Angels: three of them, sent to protect, guard, and teach me.

Plus occasional random sounds.

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I used to have religious delusions.

I got them mostly under control with medicine and therapy.

Now I’m down to three voices/hallucinations.

Inmate, he’s my friend and is always commentating about my situation/surroundings.

Her, she looks like Grace Jones and always is making remarks about my appearance.

And then another, he’s just pure evil, sometimes I hear him, sometimes I catch a glimpse of him and sometimes I can feel his presence.

Its very unsettling.

I’m starting therapy again on Monday and hope to calm those voices too.


In more detail, I had one voice who wanted to ■■■■ me loads he was also powerful over the universe kind of like God so I was very scared of him although I also fancied him sexually cos tactile sex was brilliant

I had one girly girl who was trying to encourage me to be more girly whatever that is

I had this guy who makes me feel very uncomfortable

And then voices outside my head like loads of kiddos being really cute at the swimming pool makes me sad thinking back to that one

My first delusions were about Religion. I would hear God telling me things that I should do. Eventually I got past the delusion, but I still hear God’s voice at times.

Thank you everyone for sharing, and fade to Black I can relate to feeling like it was something special that I couldn’t control, I had thought that the gods (specially Egyptian gods like ra and horus) had chosen me for a special mission. Which just turned out to be me pushing a shopping cart full of grabage and talkin to myself until the cops got me and tazed me twice before dragging me to the nearest mental hospital lol. And also the feeling of not being aware at all that it was a mental illness. Personally therapy doesn’t work but meds have.

mine were just ruminations of what i was going through and they would try to run off with my mind and consciousness with intrusive thoughts and confusion. but they have changed over the years and they are quiet if I sniff and when I don’t they nag me and beat me until I do and then its OK.

Some are voices like when I was little wud whisper in my ear… talking to me like a conversation or now talking normally or forcefully telling me their strong opinion about alot of things and then there’s a group of voices that just talk like to eachother or just t b heard idk there are too many to understand anyone but there are screams and crying mixed in with them… sometimes it’s too much too many voices sometimes I can b distracted so they don’t get to me too bad

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I had voices of a girl,I think it’s a maid telling me to clean the floor and wipe the dinning table.Its my first and only voices.I never listen to her and went straight to bed after that

I have this exact same experience for the past 15 years, on and off ( as some years are more busy than others)
Have you ever tried ( when the voices are getting busy/ responsive) of having a bath ( if you have one the oldcast iron ones work better) just run a knee high bath and put your head under for a while and listen!
You should hear them clearer ,like from a whisper to what sounds like a moderately quiet moblie phone call. I found this out by accident.


I have a male voice Alien who’s very derogatory and a female voice Sarah who supports me. Been going thru stability at the moment so haven’t heard them much.

Wowwww… I’m so curious about that now. That is so cool that you stumbled across that!! Like Schizo hacks 101 lol that’s awesome I hope it works!

I have 12 voices