Do you recognise your voices as voices?

Do you recognise your voices or did you recognize your voices as voices or did you think that they were real. And when you were I’ll Was you absolutely certain that they real or not. I’m asking to see If what I experienced was normal or not and I dont know if I hear voices or not.

Yes when I herd voices I 100% believed they were real I still do even though I only get faint voices now.

I had no evidence to say they were not real and many coincidences to say they were real


They sound like peoples voices there was no mistake in thinking they were people or not,

Sounded just like people

Same here it’s really weird how it works

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What were your voices like? Lifelike and intelligent?

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How does it work?

Mine are definitely two distinct voices, one male one female. When they began I believed that the government was invading my mind via satellite. That was when I was in full-blown psychosis.

Since then, they have been a daily occurrence for me for the past seven years. However, I am learning to cope with it much better, realizing that I have to hear them but that doesn’t mean I have to listen. I try to keep interaction with them to a minimum

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some people Do believe they’re real,

and accompanied with other things they’ve said,
have been run off the forum.

I’ve tested it, and to me, they’re not real, but sure seem like it.

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Can you have conversations with them are they interactive and intelligent ?

I can converse with them, yes. It’s not like your imagination creating it, it’s more like they are separate sentient beings who constantly try to lure you into a dumb train of thought. Intelligent? That’s Up For Debate LOL

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I thought/think someone was messing with me as well they were just so lifelike

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Voice of God, may or may or not be true, and I may or may not have experienced that in the first scream I heard.

Jimmy Carter has a short clip or video on it, amongst other thousands from other people.

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Wow that sounds really horrible I’m sorry to hear that you suffer from this. To me I think mine occured only when I was anxious and that was when I would go out. Never when i was normal. But I’m still not sure they were voices

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is it more like in your head, and not your ears?

I never really counted that as voices.

I take that back, I wouldn’t say ‘thousands’ of videos.

more like hundreds.

No I heard it like it was in my ears like someone was following me around calling my names. I never heard voices actually talking like saying sentences just words especially one specific word. But I also had voices in my head saying things but I just ignored it as I thought It was my over reactive imagination.

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I did have one fairly dramatic experience of psychosis years ago. I had been out all day with my camera, photographing nature and an old Cemetery.

When I got home, I laid down on the couch for a few minutes and as I was gazing at the ceiling, the ceiling suddenly disappeared and turned into a swirling Vortex of clouds. From inside this Cloud tunnel I heard the voice of God say, I want you to teach.

A psychiatrist would term this a psychotic break from reality. I’m not sure what to believe, perhaps psychosis is how God communicates through us. I really don’t know


that’s wild. I didn’t trust anything I heard when in psychosis,

especially certain Godly voice, or dreams of an intense light and the most pleasing experience,

I thought it was the devil trying to trick me.

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