Kinds of voices

Random: nonsensical stuff like dadaist poems or like theater of the absurd.
Poetic: poetic words and images
Divine: religious sermons
Evil: bad voices, homicidal, suicidal etc.

Anybody else with other kinds?

Familiar like people you know

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Yes that’s correct. I have heard my ex psychiatrist

Usually a running commentary

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That’s right. I have it too

Are your voices smart and intelligent, really lifelike?

Yes, it’s a very real sounding voice…very intelligent and firm. I feel like I have a narrator of my life

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I had running commentary for months. Now not so much. Do you still have it?

Sometimes. Usually when I feel really stressed

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My voices told me I have schizophrenia

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Mine too. When I was in prodromal phase, they were calling me crazy and lunatic

My voices told me what they were doing to me was so I would come off as schizophrenic

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I’m curious about your voices Chris, are they smart and intelligent? When they told you you had schizophrenia was this part of a larger conversation you had with them

The voices had the characteristics of the people I knew so some were smart and intelligent others were not, they were very psychopathic. Well I was trying to escape my destiny so schizophrenia was part of a larger web of choices I could make to escape. They said I could choose schizophrenia, bipolar or schizoaffective disorder. I chose schizophrenia.

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Did I choose schizophrenia or did schizophrenia choose me? In college I was a normie, and all my papers and essays were about schizophrenia

My psychiatrist told me that I chose to study psychology, because deep inside i knew something was wrong and I was seeking answers

Could you please explain voices to me.
I never know what to say when asked about them. Then I end up discussing what they actually are defined as, rather than what they are actually about.
They are not voices in the sense that they are external from another person, I know they are in my brain. They don’t have the depth of another human voice, more the subtly of a thought, only more distinctive somehow.
I usually whisper or talk them out loud without knowing, but without that they surly are not voices.

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My voices say I dont have skitofrnia

Yes that’s what my voices said to me as well. They said it wasn’t schizophrenia as well. I always thought that was ironic. I also once asked my voice which antipsychotic was best they said none o f them would help .