Types of exercise machines for aerobics

Here is a list of exercise machines that are designed specifically for aerobics.
Predominantly lower body:
Elliptical trainer

Stationary bike( with back seat or sans it)
Something like a “lateral” elliptical trainer( like Helix Lateral trainer)

Predominantly upper body:
Indoor rower
Arm bike( for example Technogym Top Excite)
Rope Trainer
Ski Ergometer

A standing arm bike (Life Fitness Upper Cycle GX ergometer)

Both upper and lower body:
Jacob’s ladder

Now, in principle you can also do aerobics on machines designed for strength training,
by putting low weight and doing hundreds of consecutive repetitions.

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We have an elliptical machine. Used to have a stair master but I sold it.

We have a treadmill.
We never use it.

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