Two of my friends said I'm not loud

I’ve been having problems with the the old woman who moved in nextdoor to me. When I was talking on the phone to my friend at night she knocked on the wall. Then it was the microwave beeping and TV set.

Last weekend I moved my recliner and microwave into the bedroom and had mostly been staying in there. But I got a call Friday from the landlord who she she had a complaint that I was too loud.

So Friday I moved the TV in the bedroom and have been staying in there all weekend with the door closed.

There’s an apartment that will be available October 5th that I can afford in my friends apartment complex, so I’m thinking I’ll try to move there. I just have to survive for five months with this woman.


i had a noise complaint once. he was someone who was friendly with me but called tge police. the officer tild me to turn down my music. it was loud though. my last place i recently found out that the police were called and they took me to the hospital. i was just having a beer with my sister. she told them i was screaming.

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Thanks @greenlight. Both my friends said they couldn’t believe I had a noise complaint.

I complained about the man upstairs from me as when I try to sleep maybe 3 days a week all I can here is his women having orgasms

Sometimes I think the walls and ceilings in these buildings are not very well designed for sound proofing

Now I don’t bother complaining as it did nothing to change his behaviour

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Thanks @Joker. I’m trying my best not to bother her

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