New house is sucking so far

Got a piece of paper that will be in my file for a noise violation. I mentioned on here before about my downstairs neighbor knocking on my door and saying my kids needed to not be stomping around and making so much noise. Since then we have went out of our way to be quiet. But still a note got slipped threw my door as I was watching it go in.
I called the front office to talk to them about it but they told me I had to speak to the manager. So I went down to the office and spoke to him. He proceeded to tell me a lot of old stories and basically what ended up happening is me putting a complaint on them for being loud and barbequing right outside there door where they are not aloud to. Feel like this is going to just turn into a bunch of ■■■■ until one of us gets relocated to a different apartment.


I’m sorry @Saywhaat. I feel bad that I gave you hopeful information previously. I don’t see why the witch below you can’t understand that you can’t wrangle a toddler. People suck.


Yeah, unfortunately, you can’t pick your neighbors. You can just move in, and hope for the best. Is it too early to tell what your other neighbors think of these people you’re having a problem with? Maybe these guys are troublemakers to other tenants too. That might matter somehow in future discussions with the manager in your favor. Just keep your side of the street clean and don’t lose your temper and cause trouble. Handle it in a civilized manner and let those people hang themselves with their own rope (if you know what I mean) if they cause trouble.

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Don’t feel bad. Yeah it was pretty ridiculous to me. And comical because she had a super bowl party last night with so many people going in and out. They were sooo loud. Cooking on the BBQ right below me and smoke was coming in my face. None of this would have bothered me. I would have let them do there thing but they made the complaint so I had to do something.


Way to early to tell. I am not racist in anyway but we are definitely the minority. I feel like most would take there side on anything. We stand out like a sore thumb here.

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I don’t see the problem, if they can complain about you then you have every right to complain about them,

a noise violation over here has to be backed up with evidence tbh, if the noise goes over a certain amount of db or something, it has to be really loud to be in violation and i mean like keeping your music on at night up high,

i mean it is usually disrespectful teenagers that do that not mothers with kids, if she has a problem tell her to move, don’t let her bother you :slight_smile:


Thanks for the knowledge. I will have to look into how loud it can be. But I don’t think a 25 lb baby is going to make that much noise. I’m trying not to let it get me down.


BTDT. …I dealt with subtle racism in a six year time span while I was living by myself. You’re right, in some ways you can’t fight it. And you just have to accept it in certain ways. But not all the way.


if they make lots of noise i think there is an app on the phone that can measure the amount of db, that could be used as evidence if you were to complain against them lol.

That’s a great idea. I will have to download that.

Yeah. I hate to feel like if I had a different color of skin then I would be more accepted here. I just feel out of my element.

your skin colour should not come into it but if you think you are being bullied or harassed then you should complain about that as well. if she keeps complaining about silly little things then i would say that was harassment imo.

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I doubt I would ever mention skin color. As that I something I can not prove. I hope it doesn’t come down to anything. I hope she just drops it after she receives her complaint. But I have a feeling that won’t be the end of it.

Yeah, I’ve been down the naive trail in life countless times. I am naive in some ways, other ways not. But now I fight back and even win. I’m white and I do kind of like it when other races who are known for being cool in certain ways in their own culture kind of accept me and like me. But maybe in your situation it might be best to “kill them with kindness” if things get tense.

if she keeps coming to your door and complaining about nothing then she is harassing you tbh

That’s also a good idea. I am just going to be as nice as I can possibly be. Hope the drama ends here and I can enjoy my time at this place instead of being paranoid and feeling uncomfortable.

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I will just keep writing complaints if anything like that happens again. I don’t want it to be an issue for my kids.

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