Two Days Of Fighter Jets Flying In The Sky

Shaking the entire building. :scream_cat:

Are we off to war soon?

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Summer training? happens here too…not fighters, other craft… these usually…
very low…I usually wave to them and a couple times they have wagged their wings to acknowledge they spotted me and ‘wave’ back…

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Is the president visiting in the area?

I live next to a military base, we hear them all the time. One day they were incessant and not only did they take up the sky, we had other planes circling around above our house until I was shouting Okaaaaaaaaay, I will go to the shop now…I thought it was my husband in his airplane buzzing the house because I wasn’t at his shop yet (so he could babysit me :-()

A little while later I heard helicopter very low and close, looked out my bedroom window only to be greeted by 3 helicopters flying right past my window. There were two green ones with pointy antenna’s on the nose, and a dark colored one in the center. I called my husband (who also flys helicopters) and after describing them to him he said it was president bush who was in our area on his way to sacramento-then he slammed the phone down and ran outside to take pictures)
It really was the president’s helicopter.

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We’ve had helicopters lately in pairs of two doing some sort of training exercise.

i love anything that flies, we have crop dusters ( planes ) who drop super phosphate ( wrong spelling !! ) over the land, it is so cool.
they fly so low it is awesome !!
take care