Unusually low flying military planes near my little town

It may be just my paranoia, but today I have heard several times some low flying military planes near my little town in Finland. They may have some military exercises due to the situation in Ukraine and Crimea. The foreign leadership of Finland follows the position taken by the western nations on the Crimean vote yesterday. Crimea is to join Russia. I remember hearing these planes in the 1980s.

Sometimes I like to wear some military clothing I have found at the flea markets. Here is a funny photo of me wearing the NAZI-German Luftwaffe officer jacket and a Soviet military visor cap. 10 years ago we did crazy things with my father when we wore some military uniforms and went to some bars in my little town. People probably thought we had become nuts.


Again I got my paranoid thought processes. After talking with few people I discovered there was no military exercise, but they just moved planes from one location to another. Sometimes just a little event can start these annoying paranoid processes, which is paranoid sz is all about.


That’s a big hat…

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Now Russians on another side of the border are having their military exercises. I suppose they want to show their muscles. I may be overly paranoid, but I believe all this is linked to the recent events of Ukraine and Crimea.