And now we got the helicopters coming over

Phil: you’re talking stupid sh-it just stop.

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I used to have such fear about planes flying overhead and stuff

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I wish I still flew helicopters :helicopter:

I like the big ones over 20,000 pounds.


Yeah what Phil? They’re getting my brainwaves.

I live close to the airport here. We get planes flying over every few minutes.

we have helicopters fly over all the time shouting things i cant make out.
makes me think someone is going to break into my house :o


When I was in the board & care home twenty years ago it was on a bad, drug infested street and police helicopters regularly flew over really low shining a spotlight, scanning for crooks and yelling through a loudspeaker for crooks to stop running or other police-like things.

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@Daze . Sounds like you and Phil have a complicated relationship. Some things I see here I’d wonder but it’s all choice give or take.

I think your a really strong woman from what I’ve seen of your story but some of these fighting words I’m not too keen on. Would like to see you in a loving relationship which really helps. And I’m talking emotionally!


We all want the best for you, @Daze

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thanks for all the replies

the damn paranoia, when will I ever get the truth?

yeah Phil doesn’t like it when I start talking like this
wish he was more supportive, I can’t help it.

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