Whenever a plane goes by

Or I hear a loud noise outside…I pray…please be/drop the bomb that takes my life…

■■■■ was better when I was drinking. 9 days sober I’m forced to deal with emotions I haven’t felt in a while. Then I put on horse with no name and drank a cup of coffee I feel a little better. Those two things always cheer me up.

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When I was a kid I hated bad ■■■■. Like 9/11 I was so scared and sad now I find myself a cynic rooting for bad ■■■■…is that bad ?

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9 days. One day at a time.

For me it’s helicopters… they hover and track things… and spy…

I know I’m not being tracked… but my gut reaction is to still get under the trees when they fly over.

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Especially helicopters. I don’t fear them though.

I’m not afraid of them…

when the police and unmarked military ones hover… it makes my skin crawl.

Man, you don’t know paranoia until you’ve worked at my job on an army base. I have helicopters flying overhead all day. And armored cars cruising around. And terrorists alerts all day, every day. And armed guards and lots of guns.

You have stronger nerves then I do…

That’s probably why I work around trees and plants.

I’ll trade you.