Two antipsychotics

Hi everyone

I’ve only taken one AP at a time over the past few years, current one is Latuda. I’m on 80mg which isn’t the highest but it’s close.

I feel like Latuda has helped me depression wise. I also take Lithium for mania and depression and mood swings, Gabapentin for anxiety, propranolol for Tardive dyskinesia tremors, Trazodone for sleep and Ativan for sedation.

My questions are: would another low dose AP be advisable? What combinations have been used?

I’m having breakthrough hallucinations as well as paranoia and impulsive thoughts. I nearly jumped in front of a NYC train yesterday, then spent the entire ride feeling everyone’s eyes on me, probing and reading my mind. My thoughts were reaching out over them and in them and they knew what I was thinking. I feel like I’m decompensating and I want to stop it before I wind up in hospital again.

Thanks for any help given

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I’m taking lithium and amitriptyline and clozapine for sza

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@Guppy you’re on so many meds. If you believe you need it then by all means go for it.

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The Trazodone and Ativan I only take as needed

I’ve had to use so much of both because I can’t sleep, it’s eother voices or mania keeping me up

Maybe I should just stick to Latuda
I feel like a mess of meds

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Yeah I’m at 80mg of latuda. Trazodone 50mg.

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I’m no doctor but if voices and mania are keeping you up, why dont you find something that knocks you out like a high dose of melatonin or passion flower?

I’ll try melatonin for sleep but I’m also having the paranoia and hallucinations during the day
Like that train ride was killer
Idk maybe Latuda just isn’t working anymore

Talk to your pdoc, they know best.

I take Latuda and Geodon. They work well together.

You can combine Latuda with some things. Because you are on several things I would also try to figure out if your breakthrough symptoms may be a result of your specific combination not working together well. I found Latuda to cause restlessness and anxiety and in some cases that spiked my symptoms. I’ve also found Gabapentin to be tremendously helpful for though organization and chatter hallucinations. If you think what you’re taking is effective in some ways consider working with your doc to adjust dosing or spacing of meds. For example, gabapentin is often effective for psych symptoms (to a degree) so a mid day dose could help curb some things. I’m not suggesting what you change but giving an example. See if your doc can help consider ways to work with what does work for you as well. Adding things is always a possibility but you also risk compounding side effects and interactions which doesn’t help you either.

I am on 10mg of Aripiprazole and 600mg of Amisulpride. Me and my pdoc are trying to find a combo that works as I refused flat out to go on Clozapine. I am just so pleased that he couldn’t force me to take it.

I was on 30mg of Aripiprazole on it’s own, but it gave me crippling anxiety.

I am also on 30mg of Diazepam and 20mg of Procycldine.

My head is constantly full of this kind of crap. The only way I have found peace is by working. Distractions are everything. However, outside of work I cannot really do much or really go anywhere as it gets a bit much.

I just like don’t get it, I’ve been fine since I got out of hospital in May, haven’t had a single hallucination or delusion, then just this past week
My world has been turned upside down again.

I was thinking of just coming off of the auxiliary meds, the Gabapentin and propranolol even tho that’s for tremors.

I feel simultaneously over and under medicated…