My medicine made me insane

I’m all for the medicine but if I take Latuda at night and can’t sleep it makes me insane. I have akathesia and the medicine keeps me from being able to occupy myself. Internally I scream “I’ve lost my mind!” because at that point I really am gone.


I feel u

I’m going through it right now


The past couple of days have been crazy for me. I honestly feel so mixed up.

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Don’t you have something you can take prn for the akathesia. I take 2.5mg Valium for restless legs and racing thoughts.

Maybe you can try a new med?

I take propranolol and Valium at night but it doesn’t help. Maybe I’ll take my Latuda in the morning.

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never lose sleep. it is key. adjust your meds. i take clonazepam. it regulates my sleep nicely.


Latuda give me akathisia, but it works 100% for my psychotic symptoms so I continue to take it.

I’m on Trazodone now to alleviate the akathisia, and that works 100% too.

I’m on 1.5mg of clonazepam for sleep, can’t sleep a full night without it.

My psychiatrist suggested proponolol for akathisia but I refused. My blood pressure and heart rate are perfect and I don’t want to screw them up with a blood pressure medication. He also said clonazepam is useful for akathisia but I’m already on clonazepam and still developed akathisia. I read this study about Trazodone and my pdoc wrote me a prescription and it works perfectly.

Trazadone makes me physically ill.


When I was on Risperdone 16 mg I couldn’t sleep so we made the switch to Zyprexa.