Twitter and my addiction

Idk. I feel like it’s not safe to be on Twitter because a lot of “sociopathic” people use it. Just generally bad vibes. Nice at first and then difficult later. Unless you have or are in some way able to provide to their interests casually.

I feel like the Aspergers in me. It will get taken advantage of by being on Twitter. But at the same time. I feel like it offers a safe place for me to feel connected to people and a form of expression and creativity.

Truth is. I just feel alone without it. But I’ve read research about how the reality is that it makes you less a academically able statistically and I would say I agree strongly.

I’m not sure what to do really. It’s currently locked up due to over load. But the number of times I’ve had sociopaths interact with me just seems endless and truth be told, I’m just submissive with people now and not at all, a dominant person.

It’s actually very bad for me and my social skills.

It gives me the illusion that I am cool because I have a lot of followers and few following and idk, just generally makes me feel good to have attractive people connected to me.

But it seems like they’re all sociopaths!!!

I haven’t got an issue with sociopathy but I do have an issue with sociopathy going wrong , which in my case - drama. I’m not interested, at all.

But I guess the answer is staring me right in the face. I should use this forum or focus on studies and work more and forget about twitter by hopefully deleting it. But it’s so hard to delete an account I’ve had open since 2011.

Idk. I just feel silly and addicted and weak to it.

What shall I do. Is life going to be pleasant if I can get away from it?

My goal? I want a first class degree. (The highest classification in the uk)

We schizophrenia patients. We don’t have representation , I want to do something about this.

And I would say. Going about it through twitter is not going to work. Like at all. It’s detrimental and even poses more danger in terms of psychosis risks.

It’s so hard to let go, the full 30 days. I don’t know how else to even begin to make friends, which I what I need to

I don’t use Twitter, never did.


Yeah, it’s better not to because it becomes an addictive platform and it can be easy to begin over sharing who you really are. It’s fine if you don’t mind, but you have no idea who will find or learn or judge you bc of it.

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I have just deactivated my account. I am going to try my best not to not to login into it at all. Since 16 when my primordial symptoms began I would say, it has been a rock in my life . Probably in a bad way.

I think it’s good I have done this, as has been done countless other times. But this time. It’s a big deal. I must not be or allow myself to be glued to a mobile device all the time.

I know the risk of being involved with the people I’m referring to. My first psychotic break came from a breakup with such a person and that’s just the way it is. I’ve been without real confidence ever since.

The internet. It really isn’t as safe a place as I’d like it to be where it concerns social networking at all.

Twitter was more a blogging platform for me, but now that it is so socially orientated. It’s really not for me.

The neediness of the people has rubbed off on me for sure and I have to say. I am only just realising just how needy I am -// very likely because of this platform.


Just delete it dude.
It’s a waste of time

This site is the only social outreach I do right now. I have a fb account, but I’m thinking about deleting it since I hardly ever use it. I have had kind of OCD issues with the internet. I have to use a app to help me stay away from most of the internet. My willpower is not as strong as I would like so I need a little help. It’s so easy to just get caught up in surfing, and then suddeny the whole day has gone.

Get rid of Twitter and Facebook and watch life improve.