Really Paranoid

Hello Forums,

I am really paranoid. I want to create a social media account but I am scared that people will find me or that I will be attacked, or something. It’s for Instagram & I would like to make one but don’t think I could handle it. Have you ever felt this way?

I would like some advice on this, please.


Don’t create the account. I don’t have any social media accounts and don’t miss them.


Yeah, I feel it isn’t worth the worry.


It’s not worth the paranoia. Don’t do it.

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Thank you, I agree.


Just use this forum as a type of social media! It’s way more fun and the people are cooler!


I don’t have any Social Media Accounts either.
I’m too paranoid and besides, I think they are a waste of time.

I use this site as my Social outlet :slight_smile:


I have them for a reason, but don’t use them much. Unless there is someone you need to talk to in some sort of fashion, not really worth it.


I agree with everyone else it’s not worth the paranoia. I am also EXTREMELY paranoid a lot of the time that I am going to be emotionally/physically attacked and persecuted and I avoid SM for the same reasons

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You wanted Instagram in 2013 And you want it now, just create it and be paranoid if you really want it that much, yeah the cons outweigh the pros but you might get out of the paranoia after time knowing that none of that shits going on, I was really paranoid on facebook thought everyone was posting about me and was trying to get me to connect and I hated it but couldn’t stop looking in the end I said I were t gonna use it anyone I was that paranoid, now a year later the paranoia is less but I just deal with it treating it like a symptom of my illness

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I have a twitter account that I use everyday.

when I first started using it, 3 years ago, I received phone calls that used the information that I provided on the website. but after a while, the phone calls stopped.

I’ve gotten less paranoid about my Twitter account. but my Twitter account still makes me a little paranoid. still, it’s important. if it wasn’t important, I would stop using it.

now I make sure that I don’t give too much information about myself, on Twitter. Instagram is something that I would probably never do though, especially if I was uploading pictures of myself. Twitter is enough to deal with, for me.

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I use this as social media. It’s the best place ever.


I agree! :smiley: thanks for your reply

That is true, thanks for replying!

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