Pretty much quit facebook

I have been using Facebook less and less for months. I get most of my online social contact here. Much prefer this site. Don’t think I will delete my Facebook account but will only check it if I get a notification.


i don’t usually have one. It’s only when I get symptomatic I start an account. Very addicting

I like Facebook for its “non-friend” posts. Stuff like the huffing ton post. Is there anyway to just see this stuff and not friends?

i suppose if you just create an account and add pages and not people other than that i’m not sure if there is a mute option for your friends

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Will check it out. Thanks

I couldn’t stay on Facebook after I got hypomanic from Latuda because my comments became too corrosive and angry.After about 10 months of staying off completely I went back on and noticed I only lost a few friends. I am still concerned about becoming emotionally unstable if I develop a tolerance to at least 2 of my drugs due to the anxiety it would cause so I don’t post any more but I do look at the newsfeeds some. I really can’t relate to Facebook because my life is going nowhere and that probably won’t change. I may post on there if all my non family members unfriend me but even then I’d have to be cautious. You can get in a lot of trouble for what you post on there.

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I got fb for like 5 years now, never posted or liked anything, no photo, deleted and recreated it a few times

I absolutely hate the fake sh1t and ego boosting stuff

Im 21. I may sound kinda twisted buts just how i feel about it

I just use it to connect to a few old friends who i dont have on whatsapp

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I have an account with a fake name and no photos or information or posts or contacts. I just use it to be able to access other pages once in a blue moon.

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