Tv/movies/boxsets dilemma

I would really like to watch tv but something is stopping me :frowning:

i feel like a bit of an idiot bc i cant watch it when everyone else is

i watched 15mins of salvage hunters and i was enjoying it but then the ads came on and my mood dropped so i had to put it off :frowning:

i want to watch but its like i am just too stupid to watch it :frowning:

i have been thinking of getting it but i dont want to waste my money, i have to be sure i’m going to watch it.

I don’t watch tv anymore. I just can’t stay interested in it. Haven’t really watched it in quite a while.

I only “watch” music TV stations. It’s really only to have something in the background though. Sometimes but rarely I’ll watch a bit of the news. TV ain’t what it used to be …

its been a long time for me too, i didnt watch any of my own tv the whole of 2018 except a couple of free films on netflix, watched a couple things at a friends but my mum and sister came over for new years eve party and i had the tv on and its made me wonder if its possible to watch tv again.

I hear you but i think tv is better now with more choice but its like i cant choose anything and then if i do try i’m always disappointed, my mood can go up and down when watching tv, its like an emotional rollercoaster :confused: and idk what causes it


Some people can sit and watch anything. I’m very picky I’m only into certain TV shows. Vikings is good maybe give that a go or game of thrones.

I’m going to try the handmaidens tale (I think that’s the name of it) which is on amazon prime next.

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Lore is a really good series on prime. I like it at least.

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idk, its a psychological thing, it seems that when i watch these things my mood and emotions get affected really badly, it can even happen with ads, i think i must be really very sensitive to tv, been thinking of getting cartoons but i sense that they will succumb to my feelings :frowning:

its really deflating bc i just want to fit in and be like everyone else but i know that i’m not and this is one of the things that proves it :frowning: its really hard to deal with.

i feel like a bit of a failure bc of this tbh :confused:

I literally haven’t sat and watched tv for more than 15 minutes in 3 years roughly. I just can’t get into anything.

The only thing I watch now is ant porn.

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I can’t stand much tv especially the ads. My aggravation goes thru the roof. I can watch detective-mystery shows if I have the closed captioning on. I thought it was just me. Trying to watch new shows can be scary. Sorry we share this @Resilient1

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There are plenty of shows that are safe from triggers, some of them are aimed at kids but aren’t that bad. I’ll even admit to watching a few episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic when I felt really down.

What do you do if you can’t watch television?

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i come on here and look online

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