I have trouble watching t.v

it feels like they all hate me in t.v. land.

I watch anyways for lack of something better to do.

anybody else?


I rarely watch tv. It is too fast for me. Action movies and cartoons stresses me out. My kids watch cartoons a lot. Also my attention span is very short so I have a hard time watching comedy series. I don’t remember what just happened so it’s not funny at all.

Hi judy - I am not a big tv watcher - what we do in our family is put on CNN and leave it on for the most part of the day - background noise. I find it difficult to get involved in shows and movies, I really have to be in the mood for a movie. Also it is difficult for me to focus much.

hi wave. we turn on the t.v. the same way only we turn on fox news. some of those people on t.v. seem really nice, others in my mind have a particular adversity to me but they don’t know me I just feel it that way. I guess I shouldn’t let it disturb or disable me.

I am sure that much of the “trick” is ignoring all that and not letting it disable you. it just seems like I have a team of enemies run by some psychopathic leader that is involving nice people in hurting me.

I hate avoiding things, like not watching t.v. etc. instead I try to “handle” my feelings.

maybe I am doing this wrong. oh well. I tried. judy

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Got rid of my TV two years ago. Best thing I ever did. :tv:

Replaced it with a radio. :musical_note:


From 1996 to 2012 I didn’t watch TV at all. When the cable guy came to change the box? and I had to be the one to be there. When it was time to check to make sure everything was hooked up right, I gave the remote to the cable guy and he didn’t believe me I couldn’t make it work. Had to call the (ex) at his work to ask how to turn the tv down, then the guy said “you weren’t kidding, you don’t know how to run the TV!” Surprise! Duh!
Then I got a new mate who likes TV and movies and I had to learn how to watch it again. Now I like it a lot.

I have a problem watching shows on t.v. I can’t remember the storyline and I know I have seen some episodes more than twice but they are always new to me.

Same here, got rid of the T.V. will watch a bit of Channel 9 on-line.

I like travel shows and This Old House and America’s Test Kitchen.

Commercials irritate me and they are so loud and flash, and shouting. It’s hard to handle.

No T.V. no commercials.

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i cycle between the TV, computer, and back. most of my days are extremely boring. i’ll watch some basketball and soccer. i’m pretty excited for the world cup. however, daytime television sucks… judge mathis and judge alex, i usually keep it on the news channel, but that gets extremely repetitive after about 1 hour.

i guess this is the life on disability.

i guess it could be worse right? we could be locked up in an institution instead, but sometimes I feel that would be more fun. be careful what you wish for i guess…

yeah, be careful what you wish for.

maybe you’d feel inspired to volunteer somewhere. that’s how i started years ago on this job when i had sz but could do a little something. i worked my way into a real job.

this job has its ups and downs.


I cant stand watching TV. I don’t know why but I just hate it.
I used to think they were all laughing at me and knew what I was doing.
So I just don’t own one now.

I like to watch t.v, though I seem to watch the same shows/episodes/movies over an over again. Before I thought that the people on t.v were talking about me and making me feel guilty. Though now I enjoy watching t.v when there is nothing else to do. Some of my favorite t.v shows are Top Gear, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, etc. Can’t wait to watch the new Godzilla!!!

I don’t watch it any more and don’t have one. Used to have a DVD player but got rid of that last year. Havent had TV since 2009. I don’t really miss it at all.
If I want to watch something there is youtube…
It never really bothered me when I had TV, used to watch a lot of scifi and documentaries. The commercials I couldn’t stand, or the news always being something depressing.

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I rarely watch TV. The two shows I like are The Mentalist and Big Bang Theory, which I missed again last night. There really isn’t much that I’d like to see. I don’t particularly like violence, and many shows are violent, including The Mentalist, really. And today’s comedies don’t appeal to me, except for Big Bang Theory.

I avoided comedy but I did watch Big Bang Theory…something about that show, seems most everyone likes it.

There’s a lot of shows I watch regularly, but I watch them prerecorded. I have the same problems with attention and usually end up waiting to watch them until I’m able to keep my focus. Then I see hints about things in my life in movies and shows I watch which kinda freaks me out sometimes. So sometimes I need to keep my TV watching to a minimum. Also daytime TV is too dramatic and stresses me out.

Lately I discovered the awesomeness of YouTube videos. It’s perfect because YouTube videos are usually short (3 to 5 minutes usually) and a lot of them are funny.