i feel really bad :frowning: i’ve been trying to watch tv all night but its really freaking me out like how hard can it be to watch 500 days of summer? i feel like such an idiot :frowning: i can’t even watch the tv when i want to :frowning: may as well just throw it out the window bc its useless or is that just me?

…I only watch CNN…

I hate TV, absolutely hate it. I can’t bring myself to watch it. I watch some shows that are on TV but only online. Same for radio, I hate DJs and ads.

Netflix is my friend. Watch what you want, when you want. We cut the cable on our sat dishes and land lines some time ago. Wired hardware is for grey hairs.


I watch a whole lot of CNN too @Becca! :smiley:

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Television shows and commercials are full of triggers for me, so I only watch movies. Getting ready to start getting Netflix next month finally so I at least get to catch up on all the good movies again.

Public TV in the US has somereally good shows. Their fiction shows I don’t watch alot.- they’re hard to follow. Cooking + travel shows I find interesting too., too. They don’t taker alot of brain.

My son never watches TV, but listens to the radio a lot.

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I have all ten seasons of “Friends” on DVD’s. I watch them almost every day, I never get tired of them. I put those on for background noise instead of the radio or TV.

“Can I BE more of a creature of habit”. Classic Chandler, anyone get it?

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I have problems watching TV…it tends to aggravate my voices/hallucinations. Especially if I watch too much of it at a time, unless it’s a movie I can only watch about an hour to hour and half of TV before I have to shut it off and go quiet my head down. I don’t watch too much in-depth shows, but I get frustrated when I can’t sit and watch something because of the activity in my head. My mom can sit with the TV on all day and not have a problem, me I like to have a little bit of quiet time (no noise on in the house) or at least have headphones on to block out unwanted noise.

I like watching movies that I can turn on + off - that is when I can sit still at all.

You look like someone who was on the old site.

I have a hard time watching tv or films. I get restless because my attention span is short and I miss what happens in the movie and then I don’t understand anything and I’ll get up and walk around for a bit and return to the tv.

i thought i could watch netflix before and spent about £100 on a roku that supports that and i got the month free but i never watched anything on it so i stopped the subscription, i also pay for nowtv but i still don’t watch anything on that because its so hard to watch things.

@jukebox, Be forewarned, MOST of the stuff on Netflix is long-retired TV series or B-movies. Most, not all, but most.

I don’t know the old site… I only began searching for information after breaking up with my partner this month. But I’m glad I found this site, it has helped me understand the symptoms, types and causes of schizophrenia…

(Sorry, non-television related)

Are you currently in a relationship with said afflicted schizophrenic partner? I thought you were, but this post seems to indicate otherwise. Just a tad confused…

Edited to add: Nevermind, I read your bio in your profile. :smiley:

He is diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia… He is no longer my partner (as in living together) due to violence issues, but I still try to help him in cooperation with his family…
He does not recognize that he is ill… So it’s difficult…
I still call him my partner.

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I got rid of my T.V. ages ago. I can watch DVD’s on the computer… the library has loads of stuff for free. I can watch Channel 9 on-line and BBC online… and I’ll even stray over to Food network on line. So I’m set.

For me… T.V. is toxic and I’m glad I don’t have one.

I am noticing that there are a lot of people who find TV triggering. When I was completely off of my rails, I had a difficult time watching Television - everything for me was moving fast and I got paranoid watching Television shows and movies.
I could not follow what was going on too well.
Now that I am doing better, I do watch a lot of CNN and I watch certain shows and movies, I never watch blindly.
Right now I am following a series called the Tudors - the life of Henry the VIII when he was younger - watching certain shows is escape for me