Anyone doesn't watch tv?


I don’t like tv because I don’t want it saying things to me. But it is difficult because everyone I live with watches it. In the past I was able to watch but not these days for some strange reason. I would like to watch a movie or show someday.


I don’t watch any T.V. at all. At first, I quit watching it because I had delusions about it. Now, I just have better things to do.


I’ve had my fair share of delusions. But none have so far been about the TV. I’m glad about that. In time you will only get more well and be able to watch TV someday. I hope this for you too.


I’ve always said the TV just doesnt do it for me anymore like it did before I got sick. Just not entertaining like it used to be.


I don’t watch television either. If I ever do watch something, it would be interviews or documentaries on my laptop.


I’m very, very selective on what I watch. Shows and movies can easily trigger my delusions and paranoia. I can’t watch anything with sex scenes or anything like that.


I don’t watch much tv but that’s because I can’t concentrate on it


I watch sports such as NHL hockey, NBA basketball and the 4 major grand slam tennis tournaments on TV. I have a 70” 4K TV just for watching sporting events.


I love television and movies. I watch most of them via Hulu and Netflix because I don’t have a cable box. I went through a rough winter where I was easily triggered, but most times I’m okay.


I don’t have cable or a dish or Netflix, I just have an inexpensive antenna I bought at Fry’s for about $13.00 and I get pitifully few channels with it. And in the past year I’ve just watched my TV two or three times. I’m haven’t really missed watching TV at all this past year but I am considering getting cable now. I don’t know if I will or not.


i have the tv in my room on 24/7 but with no sound on, i sometimes watch when im falling asleep,


I never watch TV. And I haven’t in years.


I Don’t have a TV. When I last had one I wasted my mind. I was addicted to the food channel.

My behavior mimicked my state of mind constantly running through the channels and other ways


I never watch T.V. or any T.V. shows. All the ads and commercials drive me nuts haha.

Once in a while I’ll stream a movie online though.


sometimes i watch korean drama… other than that tv is pretty crap…


I don’t watch tv anymore, only when there is something important going on in the country I will watch the tv news. I mostly watch youtube videos.


I don’t have a tv. I just recently started a free trial of Hulu, but I’ve hardly used it at all. There are only a few tv shows that I miss watching, such as Gotham, South Park, Inkmaster, though Hulu has South Park. I should try Netflix. I like to watch Lions football during the NFL season, but that’s over until late August/early September.


I’m rationing myself to 3 hours per week of movie/TV on streaming services. Mainly because it’s an enormous time suck that keeps me from being productive elsewhere. Need to be on my feet doing things more.


TV either talks to me or about me.
It fuels my delusions


I can’t watch anything in relation to that either it makes everything worse for me in terms of the voices, nightmares, and delusions I have that I believe to be true.