@Tulane tell me more

About your experience with CBD.

I’ve been smoking the flower for a few years now. It’s pretty swell, but watch out for the high THCa strains, if you do decide to try to smoke. They are potent and can resemble regular weed.

Most strains aren’t like that, but the credible sites give you an analysis of what cannabinoids are in each strain (CBD, CBDA, CBG, etc).

I would maybe start off with gummies or capsules, and see how you feel. Again, ask your pdoc if this is okay. I had one pdoc who didn’t like me using CBD, but my current pdoc doesn’t mind. I’ll try to answer any questions you may have – but I’m no expert lol. Good luck!

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I’ve got the flowers. We wrapped them up cigs wise. It’s okay.my pdoc probably wouldn’t mind. This is my second day with CBD. I don’t like to be heavy with it. I smoke enought to be at ease. They’re so damn scared with Clonazepam.

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Yeah, just like anything else, it’s easy to overdo the flower, too. Be safe!

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