CBD flower smokers

Any fellow cbd flower smokers? I had 8 months sober, broken two weeks ago. At least it’s not cbd’s belligerent and angry brother thc. I’m actually responding really well too it. Had a good laugh with Mum today. Feel less stressed. Sleep is not the best. Appetite varies. Affordable. Overall, I think I’ll continue.


I don’t smoke cbd, but I do drink cbd waters, and use cbd gummies, it’s been a life saver for me with chronic pain and anxiety, I’m off opioids and benzos, it’s not for everyone but I’m thankful for it


My father uses medical marijuana everyday.
It works wonders for his chronic pain.

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I take a CBD in the morning sometimes, sublingually.

Sometimes it gives me a boost other times nothing. I don’t know if it is the placebo effect or what.

I vape it every day. Works wonders for my anxiety.

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I don’t smoke, but I do take CBD gummies.

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I smoke CBD flower daily! I also eat CBD candy! It helps me out a lot! Do you use a vaporizer like me? Do you buy your flower online?

most cbd flower has close to 1% thc when you count thca that is converted to thc when heated. some people have no problems with it, but its enough to fail a drug test, and enough to increase my symptoms after a few days of consecutive use


Whats the difference from thc?

In my experience CBD is like skipping the high and going straight to the green day. Probably would help get down food if you were feeling sick but I don’t see much other use for it. My psychiatrist insists it’s a much better option than weed for folks dealing with mental illnesses.

the jury is still out on this one. I felt a little more paranoid when outside today (playing pickup basketball). When staying home, I’m pretty relaxed.

@Twialine: I don’t vape. I ground and roll. Yes, I buy online.
@EARS: thc will get you high (not good for sz). cbd, which can be taken with minimal thc, is like taking a vitamin.* cbd hemp has less than .3% thc.
*take with caution!
@agent101g: it gives a different perspective on things. sparks a bit of creativity. a sedative, which I like!

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I smoke cbd all the time. Calming and relaxing without going manic paranoid.

I hope they allow us to grow our own.

A vaporizer isn’t for vaping it makes the flower hot so you can smoke it… I use to buy CBD cigarettes but found I like the vaporizer better

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I wish it was socially acceptable to smoke CBG wherever you want.

My life would be better.

I have a ton of flower laying around, but I haven’t smoked any in about a month. Not sure if it’s because I feel I don’t need it, or I don’t like the idea of smoking it anymore. It def helped with my symptoms though, mainly anxiety.

Hey @Twialine what kind of vaporizer do you have? What do you like about it? Any dislikes?
I’m thinking of getting one although I really like the whole process of grinding the bud and rolling them. Also, do you get your cbd online? You can dm me if more convenient. Thanks!

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Hey @gene I use the Herbva 5G, it is top loading with three different temperature settings, it’s pretty simple to use and heats up pretty fast

1)Heats up fast
2)Easy to load
3)Mouth piece comes off and stays on due to magnetits
4)heat settings
5)turns itself off
6)it comes in different colors

1)doesn’t hold much
2)mouthpiece can get hot
3)have to charge it
4)still have to grind your CBD herb
5)herb can get stuck in mouthpiece vent
6)not easy to load on the go

All in all I did go back to the cigarettes but here’s my vaporizer

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@gene I also eat CBD candy… they take longer to take effect but is good for public places and if you’re around someone like my mom who has allergies

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