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does anyone know if cbd hemp flower carry any risk for people with psychosis, i know high thc weed does but cbd flower has like a 30:1 cbd:thc ratio and is low enough in thc thats its legal, also some research i found that cbd actually blocks the negative mental effects of thc. im making this post because ive tried cbd and it calmed me down and i feel actualy helped with anxiety but at the time i was on a med that the dose is greatly reduced by any kind of smoking because of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons so i stopped.
so i think if i used it now on my new med that isnt affected maybe i could stop taking klonopin, it seems to be only good things said about it and i cant find anything that says it has any bad effects of mental illness, just wondering what you all think

That was what I always heard. If the ratio is high enough in favor of cbd, it will nullify whatever bad effects the thc has or something. Not sure how it was worded exactly. I have some cbd flower. It’s got like a 60-1 cbd to thc ratio

Problem is people are still failing drug tests for this little thc amounts

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in my state cannabis will be legal starting at the beginning of next year so i think more places might stop testing for it, i also heard with cbd flower it gets out your system much quicker than high thc weed because the amounts of it are so low

It can affect how other meds are absorbed. I posted a thing about it in the news section a few weeks ago. Might be worth a read.

That being said, I use CBD for my insomnia and find it really helps.

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I lied. I posted it in #medications.

CBD med interaction


I use cbd flower a few times a day. The flower I ha e now is .1%thc. Which won’t get you high, but will fail you a drug test(what I’ve read online).

The effects you feel off of flower like this is from the canabanoids and terpenes found in the plant. It is relaxing, but not intoxicating.

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There is yet to be a credible source that provides pure CBD.

Everything you find on the internet is either mixed with THC or is hemp based.

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