Tryptophan, good or bad?

Well…it does have the opposite effect of many AP’s since it boosts serotonin. Thats why I have tried taking 500mg in the morning(I take meds in the evening).

I have felt more alive, more connected to the environment and people. But also there are a lot of weird feelings surfacing. It doesen’t feel like a relapse because I haven’t had any stray thoughts. But it’s hard to deal with feelings when you’re not used to it.

The same thing kind of happened when I switched from olanzapine to lurasidone for a little while. I don’t think Lurasidone supresses serotonin like olanzapine does. Actually it was worse on lurasidone. I had serious depressions every evening for as long as I took it, which ended up being only about two weeks.

Right now I’m thinking 500mg in the morning every day is too much. I think I will try taking it every other day instead. Better to be safe than sorry.

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I tried this for several months and it helped me alot, I felt really good and it reduced some of my symptoms, however I developed severe pain all over my body and I had to stop taking it, it is a shame. I would recommend that you stop taking it right away, it is a ticking time-bomb! It wore off after a few days but I was in excruciating pain, I was able to take the edge off with tylenol so I could still function but it was very severe.

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Well, I’ll look out for such symptoms. But I don’t want to give it up. These last few days I have felt more alive than in years. It’s like things are starting to make sense, although I can still feel that the drugs are there. It’s not like going off AP’s, but I get my serotonin up from something that must be abysmally low.

I think the olanzapine is oversupressing my serotonin levels. And because I have olanzapine induced insomnia my options for switching to other AP’s are very limited since not all the AP’s work on sleep.

I’ll just see how it goes. If I get anything that resembles relapse symptoms I’m giving it up straight away.

I think I’ve decided I can’t use tryptophan. The great things about using it was that all my ocd symptoms vanished, but I’m feeling pains and uncomfortable in my head, and afraid I will replapse, so that’s not so good. Probably interactions with meds. I’ll try eating turkey instead. That is a much more cautious way to get a little tryptophan.


Eating turkey is a good idea. Let us know how it goes

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Yeah that sounds like what happened to me, it is a shame because it eliminated alot of my symptoms too.

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I got the pills and took them for sometime. I did nod off quicker tho.

I stopped taking them tho - cos i do eat rather alot of chicken thighs these days, cooked by the tray and eaten cold as a snack, which should have the same benefit.

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I found this thing quite strong and it made me agitated and more anxious, not for me lol…
But i am a very paranoid person, anxious too, unable to think genuinely… So it can be a good alternative for somebody calmer, who needs more boost :slight_smile: .
Take care

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I don’t get anything close to the same effect when eating foods high in tryptophan. I’m starting to wonder if olanzapine somehow disrupts the process of getting amino acids from foods. It’s no secret that no one knows exactly how olanzapine works, not even those who made it.

Trypotphan i think is good for most schizophrnics maybe. Atleast most melancholic schizophrnics. A.k.a. those with depressive symptoms.

Could be bad for those who are more prone to anxiety than depression?

I think the key is gradual increase in social interaction alongside stabilzation of any mood elements. Increased serotonin if depressed.

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Did you ever try 5-htp? It’s supposed to have similar effect.

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Well…a little update.

I was experiencing uncomfortable feeling in my prefrontal cortex in the beginning of trying out tryptophan, even at low doses. I decided to open a capsule of 500mg and split it into four doses. So I have only taken 125mg each day for one and a half week.

The uncomfortable feeling in prefrontal cortex has subsided and even at a very low dose of 125mg daily it is making a huge difference in promoting positive behaviour and counteracting OCD symptoms as a add-on to AP.

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