2.5mg Olanzapine

Does anyone here take 2.5 mg Olanzapine, as there only antipsychotic?

I’ve just moved to 5mg Olanzapine and am considering 2.5mg once I have been stable for some months.

not me.

i think that is rare.

do you take any other medication?

I know you’re doing this without telling your Dr but its a bad idea and its risky. Especially since you said you relapsed twice after stopping meds. You will most likely relapse a 3rd time.

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I’m also on sertraline 100mg antidepressant.

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I’ve only had one relapse, but two episodes.

I’ve just moved down to 5mg Olanzapine last week and just considering if another reduction would be possible in six months or so.

There is a person on here that takes 3.75 mg so maybe that would be possible for me?

Will ask the CPN when I see her.

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Well its your choice afterall, but the chances of living without meds and without symptoms is 5% according to my first psychiatrist.

Trying to find my lowest dose, 3.75 or 2.5 may be it. Doing well on 5mg, just looking for more.

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I found when I came off meds cold turkey, the very action of doing what I was turned out to be enough stress to tip me over the edge

Keep it cool, be objective

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I suppose that’s lower after the second episode psychosis.

I started out on 2.5mg zyprexa and I did well on it for a while until I tried to quit it. I had no stamina when running on it and it made me sleep like 13 hours a day and gave me a large appetite. I wasn’t very happy with it. Now I’m taking latuda and am happier.


That’s a very low dose, shame you had side effects on it.

Similar story here, except I was on 40mg of zyprexa for 15 years.

I am now on Latuda, and like you much happier with it.

I got in a world of trouble on 2.5mg. I was on that for a couple of years. I was working full time at that time and the reason I wanted to be on that dose was so it would be possible for me to work full time. Serious sleeping issues for many years…I’m still paying for it. Somehow my doc didn’t prompt me to up the dose to get sleep because I think he also wanted me to work full time. I had to get another doctor to get back on track…long story. Still my health is not as good as it used to be.

What do you mean by serious sleeping issues? You slept too much or you can’t sleep at all? How are you still paying for it?

I quit olanzapine and I can’t sleep at all. I am on clonazepam to sleep now.

My sleep was down to 2-3 hours on average for at least 2 years. I had a experiment going with my docs approval to take 5mg one day, then 2,5mg the next and then no medication the last day, and then over again.

I was too eager to prove myself. I wanted it to work. Too proud to accept that things were spiraling downwards. I think in the back of my head I believed that my sleep would be restored to the way it used to be before meds. But I learned later reading online that serious sleep issues is more the rule than the exception when doing 2.5mg.

My health took a blow after that long period with sleep issues. I have recovered, but I can feel that I am less fit. I have more issues with symptoms in my chest area like pain and discomfort. Have to be careful these days to make sure I get proper sleep.

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I have read about people that quit olanzapine online and they still can’t sleep after a year of quitting. I only quit olanzapine 1 month ago so it looks like I am going to have insomnia for the next 2 years or so, I just hope one day I recover and can sleep without clonazepam. Even with clonazepam I don’t sleep to my satisfaction.

So after 2 years you were able to sleep again?

No, what happened was I got a new doctor and my dosage was upped to 10mg to restore sleep. I was in a fragile health situation at that time and it seemed like the only choice I had. My health was so poor I could not risk trying something new or experiment.

I am currently doing 5mg which is enough to give me decent sleep as long as I also take some sleep support supplements.

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But in your case I wouldn’t assume that you necessarily will struggle with sleep for 2 years. For some it takes months, for others it can take years. Maybe it will get gradually better.

What is clonazepam? Is that a AP?

I take 7 mg olanzapine as my only ap. No weight, diabetes or sleep problems.