Trying without a therapist

It has been a year since I last talked to my counselor. I find now that I want to cry sometimes and just feel heavy burdens on me. I was talking to my wife the other night and felt better after that. I just want to work this out inside of me so that I will not have to go make an appointment. I find with the schizophrenia it is hard do solve problems so I just ruminate about everything. Difficulty in solving problems is why I am working where I am at and it is the reason I cannot get The Job of my life.
I am getting older and getting scared of dying because I have not done the things I wanted to do in life. I have a lot more of living to do. I appreciate everyone listening to me and reading this post. I feel a lot better just having wrote this.


I found counseling had little growth where psychotherapy had more and I could see it.

There’s good counselors and bad counselors.
There’s good therapists and bad therapists.
There’s good psychiatrists and bad psychiatrists.
Nobody is perfect
Except me.


Therapists are good to guide our thought processes, we all make mistakes, and with this illness the confidence in trusting our thoughts is very shattered. Consider seeing a therapist, it’s good to have someone to guide us.

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I just fired my very incompetent and uncaring therapist.
I am in the process of finding another one, but I may wait until I move to my new place.

I really don’t want to get stuck with just anyone.
I need to be with a compassionate person who has knowledge of bipolar disorder/schizoaffective disorder and abuse.

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Why don’t you want to talk to a counselor? It’s not a sign of strength to avoid counseling, and it’s not a sign of weakness to go. Its good that you have your wife for support though. Having a strong support system at home can make a huge difference.

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I see a counselor/therapist as needed now. Which basically means less often then I probably should.

It’s excellent for: Reminding You To & How To Cope, Organizing Your Thoughts, Coming Up With Realistic & Practical Approaches To Problems.

I found that seeing a therapist really made me be more aware of where I’m at, at certain points, inciting me to make choices about my life where if it were otherwise I would just let the matters linger until they had solved themselves out by abandonment.

Also, anyone ever noticed that if you add a space in therapist it becomes the rapist? Just noticed that now…

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Just a few I think.

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I have talked to a counselor all my adult life and I have ran out of things to talk about. Any more when I make an appointment I just chit chat. It is a challenge to me to work things out myself rather than have somebody else do it. After I wrote that post, I just felt better. I just want to not be so dependent on a counselor that when something goes wrong, I go crying to one.

My last therapist was a self-centered idiot. I stopped seeing him but didn’t replace him. I’’ now at the point where I desperately need a new therapist. It’s hard to find one where I live now. I miss my therapist where I used to live.
We all have our own journeys and make choices in regards to what works for us, but if there’s something you can do that does work/does help, why not seek it out?