I put more faith in psychiatry than psychology these days

Nevermind, I just do. Anyhow deleting my depressing post, asked my husband to go out with me, maybe I can find a self help book or something to change my mind?

I have been seeing psychologists for years now. lately I have been strongly debating to myself if I should continue seeing one. I found a new one, and although she knows her psychology, I am starting to wonder if she knows how to properly advise and give appropriate therapy to someone suffering with SZ and bipolar - someone like myself.
I have been giving thought to finding someone who is more hands on, someone who will be more communicative and more available to me in emergencies if one should arise, maybe a Social Worker? I attribute my progress directly to my new antipsychotic - Risperidone. Therapy can at times set me backwards, with too much thinking getting in the way of my progress.
Sometimes therapists like to kill the clock - sitting there comfortably waiting for the session to end without resolving anything. Therapy is not a lost practice, but for me where I stand now Im going to need someone that is going to be more available to me. Going to a therapist might help a schizophrenic sort things through or help with organization, but if little is achieved during therapy, it can be a lost cause or it may even set the patient to go backwards.
Medicine on the other hand, at least where schizophrenia is concerned is basically a basic need, at least it is for me.


Thank you so much for your response. I like social workers who function as social workers more so than those that function as therapists myself. But thanks again, I know iā€™m maybe not alone in my ideas.

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You can also stop going and later decide to go back again.

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I stopped to visit my psychologist 4 years ago. Since then I got all my support from my psychiatrist and gp. Psychiatry kicked in for me where the help of psychology felt exhausted.